The Value of Resources for a Virtual Assistant – a Guest Blog with Hana Gray 

Hana Gray HeadshotBeing a virtual assistant, you’re expected to be resourceful in order to fulfil various, and likely at times, random ad-hoc tasks for your clients. If you have clients who have an office presence or a number of employees, there may be a few requests that mean you dip into the realms of office and facilities management, as well as human resources, compliance, events and more.

For anyone who is an established virtual assistant, with experience in both the assistant profession and office management, you’ll no doubt already be aware of the extent at which your tasks will vary. If you’re newer to this administrative profession, you will probably soon see it and how many hats you will now need to wear. So, how can you ensure you are getting value from the resources available to you, and just how valuable are they in order for you to do your job, and primarily service your clients with ease?

In short: they are incredibly valuable. The right resources and support can save you time, and time in the VA professional quickly equates to money. As you’re probably experiencing, you are everything to your own business, being able to access documents and apps that will aid your ability to support clients swiftly is therefore key.

However, as the person who is meant to provide resources, where can you go to for yours? Here are some of our favourites to share:

  • VACT Free Resources – there’s a wealth of great tips, advice and contacts here for all VAs no matter what stage of your VA journey
  • The Office Management Portal – easy to access advice and resources has never been easier for the office professional. With the launch of The Office Management Portal in late 2017, virtual assistants are benefitting from this unique hub aimed at connecting, empowering and supporting professionals in these roles and providing them with easily accessible, downloadable templates saving them time.

Alex Hughes, Director at Auxilium Administration Services and a Member of the OMP and VACT adds: “I first saw the OMP and met Hana at the PA Show a few years ago and instantly signed up to the Portal. Having spoken to Hana I knew the wealth of experience she had in this field and from also seeing some early examples of what the Portal could offer, I knew that access to this was essential for my Business. I was already a member of VACT and so the combined access to these offerings from VACT and OMP provided me with the powerful wealth of mentoring, training, coaching and resources I needed. This was coupled in friendly and collaborative groups, where resources can be shared, and questions posed.”

Members of both of these groups nearly always know the answer or can find a solution, ensuring that these support networks provide invaluable advice, hints and tips and sounding boards for every VA. Add to that the templates, videos, tips and advice, directories, forums, events and training, and every VA is then armed with all the tools to support their clients and be seen at the GO-TO person in their field.

We’d love to support you as well and for you to join the Portal, it is free to be a Member with some premium features that are paid for. VACT has an exclusive discount code VACT25 for 25% off.

If you have any questions, reach out to Hana at the OMP [email protected]

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