As a business owner, you want to stand out from the crowd, especially if you’re looking to obtain new business clients. But no matter how established your business is, it’s understandable that you also want to make an impact. After all, if you make an impact and stand out, you’re more likely to attract the right clients to you. 

So if you’re looking to make an impact and stand out, here’s what you need to do.

Focus on delivering an excellent service

If you want to make an impact on your clients, give them what they want and need. Find the balance between the two, because your clients will sometimes need a little help knowing what it is they really need! You can then focus on giving them that solution in the best way you know how and to the highest standard you can deliver.

Over-deliver to stand out 

Talking of delivering a terrific service, look to over-deliver with every client. Think outside of the box on this one, as over-delivering doesn’t automatically mean giving away your time or money. Sometimes, it can be as simple as the way you present something, completing tasks earlier than initially anticipated or adding an extra little WOW to your services.

Stay in your own lane 

If you want to stand out in business, stay in your own lane. Don’t waste your time competing with others, or getting sucked into their drama, focus on what you’re good at and consistently promoting that. This could include niching down and only working with specific clients or niches, or could be sharing your knowledge and expertise on social media. When you stay consistent, you’re showcasing your knowledge and standing in your own power – two incredibly impactful ways of standing out in business.

Live by your values 

Talking of power, if you want to really stay consistent, ensure you’re living by your values at home and work. When you interact in groups, you’re doing so via your personal profile – and people are naturally nosy! They’re going to check you out and see what you’re like, so you want your personal timeline to accurately reflect who you are. So own what you do, be proud of who you are, share who you are and make sure you’re clear on your VA brand identity.

Stand out by sharing what you care about 

Don’t be afraid to share what you care about either. It’s easier to stand out and be memorable if you’re passionate about something. So if you support charities and causes, talk about them. Actively include them in your business and your personal life. You can always donate a percentage of your earnings to the causes you care about or look to run a promotion that helps support them in some way.

Be sociable 

If you want to stand out and make an impact, you need to be visible! Be sociable on your social media platforms. Be active on your website blog and market yourself consistently. [Check out 30 easy ways to market your VA business, if you’re looking for simple marketing ideas you can use to stay visible!] 

Build relationships

Don’t be one of those people who is only visible and active, when they have client slots to fill or something to sell. Building a business does mean you need new clients, but it’s not about the sales you make – it’s about the relationships you build. You put a lot of effort into getting a client, so value them. Work on the relationship, no matter where they are in your buying funnel. If they’re on your mailing list, nurture them. If a client is working with you, look for ways to further the relationship. And if they’re a past client, see what you can do to help them further.

If you’d like more tips on how to stand out in business, check out this blog on HuggStaff: And if you’re looking for help and support whilst you grow your business, check out the monthly VA Membership. It’s a great way to build relationships with other VAs, whilst you also get the help and support you need, to grow your business into an awesome VA business!