The events of this year so far, have really knocked a lot of businesses off track, VAs included. Some VAs have found themselves inundated with work, as their clients have taken the lockdown period to get focused and on track. Others though have found client work dipping, as their clients have either had to close their business or cut down on their workload. But no matter what camp you’re in, there’s still plenty of opportunities for you to get clear on your vision and ensure you end this year on track.

Get clear on your vision

It starts with getting clear on your business vision for this year. If you want to achieve something, it helps if you can see what it is you’re aiming for. Here are a few ideas to help you get clear and picture what you want to achieve by the end of the year.

Where do you want to be?

By the end of this year, where do you want to be? Do you want to be fully booked with 1:2:1 client’s, or would you like to have created your own products and courses? What end result would make this year a success for you?

Write a letter to your future self

If you want a quick way to get clear on your vision, write a letter to your future self. This can help you uncover goals and dreams you otherwise may not have consciously thought of. You can also write a letter from your future self to you in the present – as that can give you the roadmap and steps you need to take, to get where you want to be!

Visualise it

If you want to get clear on your vision, you need to take some time to visualise it. For some, that could be visualising their future self, whilst others find it easier to think about how they want to feel, once they’ve achieved their goals. A vision board can help, if you struggle to picture things in your mind. it’s an awesome idea to get into the habit of visualising your end goal, as this helps you connect in with the emotions and feelings of having achieved it – and that ramps up your motivation and positive thoughts around it.

How to end your year on track

Once you’ve connected back in with your vision of end of year success, it’s time to get back on track to achieving it. Here are the practical steps you need to take, to end this year on track.

Switch your thoughts 

Lot’s may have gone on, but this year is far from over. People are still buying and there are businesses that are growing. So check in with your thoughts around this year. Are you thinking it’s a lost cause? Are you telling yourself your clients aren’t buying and no businesses are hiring? If so, you need to switch those thoughts to more positive ones – and find evidence to back up these new thoughts, fast.

Check-in with your goals

It’s ok to adjust your goals as a result of the pandemic, but don’t give up on them altogether. Check-in and see how you’re measuring up and if you need to make any adjustments to end this year in a satisfactory way.

Remind yourself of the facts 

As mentioned above, if you want to switch your thoughts, you need to find evidence to back up those new ones. It’s the same with your business. We’re halfway through the year – logically think about that. We still have 2 quarters of the year remaining (Jul, Aug, Sep and then Oct, Nov, Dec). You can achieve a lot in those last 2 quarters if you put your mind to it. Remind yourself of the fact that this year isn’t over and there’s no need to simply write it off!

Stick to your plan

Finally, stick to your plan. Stay on track with your goals. Track your progress and do what you can, to reach those goals. If you’ve hidden away during this period of uncertainty, start working on your visibility. If you stopped marketing as you weren’t sure if it was right to market, check your messaging is sensitive to the situation and then get back out there, marketing your services.

The events of this year so far have knocked a lot of businesses off track, but it doesn’t mean you need to write off the rest of this year. There are plenty of opportunities for you to get clear on your vision and ensure you end this year on track – and the advice above will help you.

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