Clarifying a client’s needs and wants can be tough – especially when they’re after your help on an issue or problem they’re having. You’re listening to what they’re saying, but just not getting an accurate visual image of their problem.

In the same vein, how many times have you tried to explain a solution to a client, only for them to just not ‘get’ what you’re explaining? Understandably, it can be really frustrating for both parties. Working online really does open the door to having clients from all over the world but, when gaining clarity during a conversation just isn’t happening – driving to their home and physically showing them the solution in person just isn’t feasible.

This is where the beauty of screen sharing software comes into its own!

From simple ‘how to’ actions to complex diagrams, files and graphs, screen sharing software allows you to simply, quickly and easily SHOW each other what you’re trying to vocalise. You can jump between talking to each other and educating, as screen sharing helps bridge that gap between vocalising and watching in person over their shoulder.

There are masses of software options out there for screen sharing, so here are five options to whet your appetite and get you started.


Skype is known the world over and, it’s rare nowadays to find a business contact or client that doesn’t have Skype already installed on their computer. Whether they’re on a Mac or PC, you can use Skype screen sharing – as long as they have a broadband internet connection.

You can screen share with one person on a Skype voice call or, up to 10 people if you’re on a video call. And what’s even better – it’s free to use (if conducting a Skype to Skype call)! Here’s the link detailing how to use screen sharing in Skype.


GoToMeeting is a subscription-based program that gives you the ability to easily host online meetings. You have a personalised URL for your meeting rooms, HD video conferencing and screen sharing is included. You simply send out meeting invites for guests to attend the call.

GoToMeeting has a free plan for up to 3 attendees (find further details here). Alternatively, you can take a 30 day free trial, followed by annual plans that start from £19 a month (click here for further information).

screen sharing options


TeamViewer is a multiplatform software program, making it ideal for Mac and PC – plus there’s also an app for portable devices. The screen share option allows you to show only part of your screen, so only the bits you want attendees to see.

Is free for personal/non-commercial use or, if you’d rather, you can purchase a licence from £449. Further information on TeamViewer can be found here.


Screenleap allows you to share your screen quickly and easily, with no installs, downloads or sign-ups needed – but you DO need Java enabled on your computer – and this can be a problem if you’re using a Mac (as Apple have disabled it due to security risks).

You simply click the ‘share’ button and give the resulting code to whoever you want to share your screen with.

The free option of Screenleap allows you to share up to 2 hours a day – ample for most small businesses. However, if you’d prefer more share time, they do have paid subscription options available – you can find more information here.

Join.Me is an instant, simple solution to online meetings. The free option allows you to easily and quickly share your screen with up to 10 people. It also supports file transfer and chat. You can find out more about here.

Is screen sharing something you currently do? If so, what screen sharing options do you use? Maybe you’ve avoided it, due to worries over how complicated it is. If so, which software option above will you start trialling? Why not share your experiences and recommendations in the comments box below.

Images: Syda Productions & bst2012/Dollar Photo Club