Let your passion shine through! You know this is your business! Love it! Love talking about it!

For some people their lack of confidence comes from feeling embarrassed at talking about themselves and they worry that they are coming across as salesy. You don’t have to be salesy.

Love what you do. The one comment I receive time and time again is: “You have an amazing energy and a passion for what you do!” I say: “I know! I love it! I love what I do. I love supporting VAs to become a success in their business. I love giving them the secrets to marketing their business and how to network effectively. I love it!”

And that’s the sort of impression you want to make with people. You don’t want to be talking so that you think “I really don’t want to be doing this!”

As part of your confidence let your passion about what you do shine through.

Remember its not all about you.

There will be other people attending the event who are thinking: “Oh gosh. I don’t know what to say. I’m not feeling very confident. I feel nervous.” How lovely that they have someone like you to approach them and make them feel comfortable.

“It’s not all about you.”

When you walk into a room and it is already full of people you could ask the organiser to introduce you to somebody – explain that this is your first time networking and you would like to get to know people.

Please don’t say that you are feeling very nervous or not very confident because then you are sending out the wrong message and you are reaffirming what has possibly been in your mindset up until now. Keep that away. Get rid of that gremlin. 

What would be the worse case scenario? If I walked up to somebody and said: “Hello my name is Amanda Johnson and this is my first time at this networking meeting, I would like to get to know you and your business, what do you do?”

You know it doesn’t really matter how you start off that first conversation, it’s the fact that you are going up to someone and starting that conversation.  

A great place to go and start a conversation is the table with tea and coffee, especially when you have to help yourself, it is natural to offer: “Would you like me to pour your tea or coffee as well?” and then ask “How did you get here today?” or “Did you find the traffic bad today?” or “This seems like a room full of really fantastic people doesn’t it, the energy is just buzzing in here, isn’t it?” or “Is this your first time here?” or “What are you hoping to get out of this networking meeting today?”  With the world opening up again, you could talk about how strange it feels to be in a room of people again.

Part of your confidence is preparing questions that you can ask people so that you are not blankly starring at someone thinking “Oh my gosh, my mouth has just dried up, I haven’t got a clue what to ask.” You can avoid that just by thinking and practising some questions that show interest in the other person.  Here at  VACT we have a specific blog on how to start a networking conversation when you are nervous and new.  

Know that:

  • It is ok if this is your first experience of networking.
  • It is ok to ask people to be introduced to somebody.
  • It is ok to approach somebody.
  • By doing it, time and time again, you will become very confident at it. It will become second nature.

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