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Sharing our goals with others can be incredibly beneficial for both ourselves and the people around us. Here are some reasons why I ask clients (and those in my wider VA communities) to share the 3 things they will do that week to move their business forwards:

Increased commitment and accountability: When we publicly declare our intentions, we feel a heightened sense of responsibility to follow through. The eyes of others act as a gentle nudge, motivating us to stay on track and complete our goals. Think of it as a friendly peer pressure that pushes us towards personal growth.

Support: Sharing the tasks we plan to do or the goals we are working on that week, can also provide us with a valuable source of support. When others know what we’re working towards, they can offer ideas, resources, encouragement, advice, and help us overcome challenges. This collaborative spirit can spark innovative solutions and lead to richer, more rewarding experiences.

Inspiration and motivation: Sharing our goals can also inspire others. When we see someone else working towards their dreams, it can motivate us to do the same. This can create a positive ripple effect, as one person’s goals can inspire another person’s, and so on.

Community: Sharing our goals can help us build stronger relationships with the people around us. When we share our aspirations and dreams, we open ourselves up to others and create opportunities for connection. This can help us feel more connected to our community and build lasting relationships.

Increased likelihood of success: Studies have shown that people who share their goals are more likely to achieve them. This is likely because sharing our goals makes us more committed to them and provides us with the support and accountability we need to succeed.  

Slow down and speed up: Sometimes, I have been known to tell clients they are trying to do to much in a week – that they are setting themselves up to fail and so don’t be surprised if those around you – try to help you slow down in what you are trying to achieve to help you speed up to the longer term goal! Counter intuitive I know. 

Raised self-awareness and reflection: The act of articulating our goals forces us to introspect and clarify our priorities. It helps us identify our values and motivations, leading to a deeper understanding of our own selves. This increased self-awareness can empower us to make more conscious choices and navigate life with greater intention.

Of course, there are also some things to keep in mind when sharing your what you will do with others. I am not saying that you only have to share big fat scary goals – it can be the smallest and simplest of tasks – it’s all about the momentum of moving forwrds.

As part of the VA Membership, we share goals and tasks with likeminded people.  People who we have built trust with and who we know will be supportive.  I love watching the support that the members give to each other.

Overall, sharing your goals and tasks with others can be a powerful tool for achieving success. By creating a sense of accountability, support, and inspiration, sharing your goals can help you stay on track and reach your full potential.

So, next time you’re setting goals or your weekly tasks for yourself, don’t be afraid to share them with the people around you. You might be surprised at how much it can help you succeed.  

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