What do you do when you lose your motivation? It’s inevitable that, at some stage on our entrepreneurial journey, we will lose motivation. After all, the journey can be a long and windy trip, with many different routes to choose from. Whether we feel lost or tired of our travels, there will come a time when we feel as if we’ve lost our motivation and are stuck in a rut.

If you’re currently feeling as though your motivation needs a boost or it got lost somewhere along the way, don’t panic. Simply remember these six words to help reenergise your motivation.

#1: Awareness

Be aware of what is going on in your personal and business lives – and accept that it may be impacting on your motivation. Awareness isn’t just about noticing what’s going on, it’s about noticing how you feel about it too. Give yourself space to notice how you’re feeling and what you’re thinking. Become aware of any drama you may be getting sucked into, as well as any positive habits you may have dropped. If you’ve dropped the bat, decide to pick it back up again. And sometimes, it’s simply a case of giving yourself a bit of a break from one thing that is taking over your life, to spend time focusing on another.

#2: Accountability

Being accountable works, as we all have a desire to be honest and live up to our word. The most important person you need to be accountable to, is yourself. However, when we share our goals with others, it makes us more determined to reach them. But there’s also the flip side of this. When we’re struggling to get motivated, be accountable for that too and talk about how you’re currently feeling. Often, when we talk it out with a mentor or accountability buddy, we find a new solution, an idea, and a renewed sense of passion and motivation.

motivation#3: Responsibility

Don’t wait for inspiration to strike, take responsibility for where you are – and where you want to be. Be responsible for your actions and your thoughts. Take responsibility for holding on tighter or, in some instances, loosening that grip on those things that don’t really matter.

#4: Time

Success takes time. For some, our desired goal can’t come quick enough, but it will happen, when it happens. It’s also worth remembering that whatever it is that you want to do or achieve, is never truly finished. Once you get to one destination, you’ll want to tweak it, refine it, change it – and that can lead to another destination, and another. But it all takes time.

#5: Vision

We all have a ‘why’, so remind yourself what yours is. Remember your reason for wanting to do what you do. What we focus on, we tend to get more of, so focus on your vision of whatever it is that you want – and be sure to make that vision a positive one!

#6: Action

None of the above five words will have any impact, if you don’t act. Apply an action step of some description. It can be anything, but action will take you out of being stagnant or stuck and lead you towards something. And that something will usually inspire and motivate you to complete action steps, as you gain traction and momentum. If in doubt – just do something!

Motivation isn’t something that stays with us, no matter what. We all experience a lull in our desire or motivation to keep going – it’s only natural – as our vision or goal isn’t going to be completed overnight.

The six words above don’t have to be completed in any particular order. What is important though, if you want to rediscover that lost motivation, is that you remember them. Do one or more of them, follow them in sequence or choose at random – it’s up to you. Think of them like one of those story dice – just roll the dice and go with whatever one it lands on.

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What do you do, when you lose your motivation? If you’ve currently been feeling a bit stuck or demotivated, has today’s article helped? What was the one word that really stood out for you? Why not share your thoughts and opinions in the comments box below!