• Networking basics – how to get started


    Networking basics – how to get started & the benefits you can glean Networking is one of the fundamental and crucial elements of business success. It helps you meet, work and associate with likeminded businesses, helps create business opportunities, raises your profile and gives you a chance to improve your confidence and communication skills. If […]


  • Networking


    Networking is an extremely important element of building a business, particularly if you are working on your own.? It not only provides opportunities to promote your business but also provides you with an opportunity to socialise and build relationships with like-minded people. BE EXCITED about it, yes there can be initial feelings of nervousness and […]


  • Why enter awards?

    You may be wondering what is the point of entering awards? Why set yourself up to be disheartened if you don’t win? Well there are many reason’s why entering awards is not only good for your business but also good for you. The main reason to enter awards is the recognition you receive on not […]