Networking is an extremely important element of building a business, particularly if you are working on your own.? It not only provides opportunities to promote your business but also provides you with an opportunity to socialise and build relationships with like-minded people.

BE EXCITED about it, yes there can be initial feelings of nervousness and anticipation, but do let this be something to rare you on to keep going as it does help your business grow.

There are many networking groups in different areas and sometimes, yes, it is hard to find one that suits you.  So make a point of trying all of them at least once; which you can normally do as a trial as a guest with no cost. You will get a feeling about which you believe is right for you in terms of frequency of meetings, the types of business people that attend, the costs of joining and breakfasts/lunches and how they would help your business grow.

Identify what your intentions are and the outcome you want to create by going along to networking events. If anything it is imperative to your business to be part of a community which will support you and your business.

Working for yourself, time is of the essence, however, sparing the time to go to at least two networking meetings a month would help your business grow or give you some encouraging support or valued information for your business.
It will also put your business on the map, help you develop your presentation skills; build your confidence in presenting your business to prospective clients and in yourself. Put the time in your diary and say NO to anything that will stop you from going, be committed to yourself and respect your business.