Whatever industry and niche you’re in, it is essential that you pay attention to the new trends around you. But staying on top of those VA trends can be difficult, if you’re not ‘in the know’. So how can you ensure you DO know what those new trends are and how best to implement them in YOUR business?

Here are my top five tips for staying on top of new VA trends.

#1: Follow industry leaders

Find the industry leaders in your particular niche and emulate what they’re doing. But this also comes with a word of caution: only choose three or four to follow, otherwise you’ll get inundated with emails and information and will end up implementing none of them!

Decide who you want to follow and look to sign up for their webinars and join their Facebook groups, as you’ll have the potential opportunity to ask questions and get advice first-hand from those at the forefront of your niche. Remember though, to become an active member in the groups you join – otherwise you’ll end up looking like someone who always takes and never gives.

#2: Keep an eye on industry news

If there’s an online or offline magazine for your particular market, subscribe. They’ll be sharing new trends, as well as general tips and advice that will be helpful, so it’s well worth the annual subscription price.

#3: Keep your ear to the ground

The beauty of social media is how fast news spreads, so keep your ear to the ground and take notice, when new trends are mentioned. Remember, it doesn’t even have to be directly related to your niche – just listen and be ready to adapt and react. Take the recent interest in Periscope. How could you use this platform to your advantage and be seen as the first in your niche to use it?

#4: Use technology

Technology can make following industry leaders and new trends easier for you, in terms of both monitoring then and being aware of new and upcoming trends. News aggregator sites such as Feedly and Google Alerts, give you an easy way to compile, store and quickly scan industry news, reports and articles that are of interest to you.

#5: Be prepared to put yourself out there

Finally, don’t be afraid to act on new VA trends. Not only will this help you become seen as an innovative business owner, it will also help put you ahead of the crowd and you’ll start to be seen as an industry leader yourself.

How do you stay on top of new trends? Do you have a favourite technology tool you use? Do you have any advice you could share with others who want to make the most of new trends? Why not share your thoughts and recommendations in the comments box below or come and join us over in the VA Membership. 

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