Month: August 2016

  • The holidays are over – it’s time to get back to work

    work goal review

    The new term is fast approaching. Whether your child is going to be starting a new school or moving up a year, they will inevitably experience a period of reflection, uncertainty, excitement and apprehension, as they realise the holidays are ending and the academic term is starting. But with the children going back to school […]


  • Stop trying so hard in your VA business!

    VA business

    You want to start your VA business on the right foot, you also want it to do well. So, like any other new business owner out there, you look around and find someone who’s already doing what you want to do and try to emulate them, right? It’s not that you want to BE them, […]


  • Are you a new VA who’s feeling overwhelmed with the basics?

    new VA

    The great thing about starting your own VA business is you really don’t need much, in the way of tools and equipment, to get up and running – and this is why so many people are training to become VAs. However, once training is over, you’re faced with the reality of needing to launch and […]