Month: October 2016

  • Confidence boosting tips to keep you forward focused

    keep focused forward

    Building your own VA business has its highs and lows. There will be times when you are eager to move forward and grow your business, making you glad to be in business for yourself. However, there will also inevitably be knock backs and disappointments too – and it’s important that you know how to boost […]


  • Top tips to confidently handle client consultations

    confidence with client consultations

    Client consultations can be quite daunting, especially when you’re just starting out or have the potential to work with an important client. They’re also the likeliest way you’ll be interacting with potential new clients. Whether they’ve been recommended to you by another client or are coming to you after carrying out their own VA research, […]


  • Are you secretly scared of the success you seek?

    fear of success

    Every business owner wants their business to grow and do well and VAs are no different. However, we can often inadvertently sabotage the very success we seek, by letting our fears and worries get in the way. When it comes to those fears and worries, one of the top fears is actually a fear of […]


  • How to have the confidence to charge your true worth

    confidence charge your worth

    Charging what you’re truly worth is something a lot of new and fledgling VA business owners struggle with. Why? Often, they haven’t yet understood the value they’re offering to their clients, nor the confidence to understand what makes them unique when compared to other VA’s in their industry. Charging your true worth has as much […]