Month: February 2018

  • Guest Blog with Paul Avins, Team Dynamics Global

    Why Knowing Your Clients Profile Can Make Your Life Heaven or Hell! By Paul Avins, Team Dynamics Global I am honoured that we have Paul Avins featured on the blog today.  A couple of years ago, when I was still supporting clients as their Virtual Assistant, I was introduced to Talent Dynamics and Paul, when […]


  • Running My Business – My Way!

    Nearly 2 years, I started working with an awesome Business Coach / Mentor – Judith Morgan and today I want to talk about that journey and one of the major lessons I learnt from working with her – “Running My Business My Way.”   You might be wondering what has prompted me to write this […]


  • Is there a place for email marketing today? [updated]

    Is there a place for email marketing in 2018?

    Email marketing, as with other marketing methods, has had its fair share of issues. It was associated with spam and junk for a while but, despite the bad associations, it’s still a thriving and essential business marketing tool. And is that any wonder – as it’s still super effective! As an inbound marketing tool, email […]


  • Traditional marketing methods

    Traditional marketing methods - why ruling them out would be a big mistake for your Virtual Assistant Business

    Traditional marketing methods – why ruling them out is a mistake Contrary to popular belief, social media and online marketing didn’t replace traditional marketing methods. In fact, they’re still incredibly relevant in your business. But perhaps we did sweep them to the side-lines, in favour of the newer, easier options available to us. Social media […]