Why Knowing Your Clients Profile Can Make Your Life Heaven or Hell! By Paul Avins, Team Dynamics Global

I am honoured that we have Paul Avins featured on the blog today.  A couple of years ago, when I was still supporting clients as their Virtual Assistant, I was introduced to Talent Dynamics and Paul, when Paul ran a session for the Mastermind Group that I was part of.  I have always found it interesting how my personality profile was so accurate, in fact it’s a bit spooky to read it all when it it is documented out in front of you.  Although a client of mine, who was also in the room had a real lightbulb moment when they could now understand that when they asked me to do a particular thing for their business and I procrastinated over it big time, that it really was working against my flow!  You will love the insights that Pauls shares with us today in “Why knowing your clients Profile can make your life Heaven or Hell!”

Talent DynamicsLet’s be honest, we’ve all had clients, or have clients we wish we had not taken on and if we could go back in time we would turn them down. But how do you spot these people when they are on their best behaviours and you are in the process of looking for new clients?

What if there was a way to know in advance what it would be like to work with a potential client? How empowering would that be? What if you could identify if you were a good fit for them and if you would add the exact value they are looking for, so they stay loyal to you for years?

Well just over 3 years ago I started my journey using Talent Dynamics in my business and the results were nothing short of transformational both personally and with my team, and then when I started using it to sell to potential clients.

But why was this such a game changer?

The first thing it did was to help me understand my own profile, I’m a Creator so great at starting (just not so good at the finishing) of projects and I’m not great at managing timelines either (Hey even this blog was hard to get finished on time)! But, knowing this made it easier for me to know which type of projects and tasks I needed help with from my team here in the UK and my virtual team around the world.

You see I finally understood the VALUE I added as a Creator and how to tap into my “Flow” or the path of least resistance, to the result I was looking for. You can see my profile here.

So the first thing I did was to get all my Coaching Clients profiled and the results were shocking. There was a clear trend between the “A” Grade clients and their profiles and the, shall we say “Challenging” clients and their profiles. It also helped me to change how I sold, supported and communicated with my entrepreneurial clients, you know the ones who want everything done yesterday and have no patience J

I became obsessed with using this tool and helping clients learn about their own profiles, so that they could build the teams around them that they had always dreamed of, to help them grow their companies without burning out like I had done several years before.

Or as I like to teach teams now – “If you want to Grow, Tap into Your Flow”.

I became so keen to apply this tool, created originally by Roger James Hamilton, I wrote a book, The Authority Guide to Trusted Selling, to help people identify a client’s Buying Energy™ during a sale so that they can see if they are a match or not.

The key here is to realise that when you work with customers whose profile works with your profile, everything just feels great, works effortlessly and makes being in business fun. However, working against your Flow and with clients who make you feel like you are constantly swimming against the current is a recipe for struggle, stagnation or worst of all starvation!

About Paul Avins…

Paul Avins, Talent DynamicsPaul Avins is the CEO of Team Dynamics Global, the No1 Global Partner for Talent Dynamics, the profiling tool for accelerating trust and flow within your business used by over 500,000 people around the world.

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