To be a good VA you need to have a couple of essential qualities in place. You need to be great at organisation and you need to excel at time management, However, being consciously aware of where your time is being spent and organising what you do in that time slot is only half the story – you also need to be smart with how many hats you’re wearing.

VAs, like most business owners, are great at balancing and juggling jobs in their business. When we first start out, funds may be limited and we may have more time on our hands, so we get into the habit of doing everything ourselves. Saving money is our top priority, so we’re happy to wear those different hats and take on those different roles.

Appreciate that time has moved on – and so have your priorities

However, as time moves on and we get recognised, we inevitably will end up with more clients, more income and less time.

Yet we often try to still do the same things in our business that we’ve always done – even if we’re not keen on those tasks or work longer hours to fit it all in.

The bad news is, by continuing wearing all these hats, you’re compromising the success of your business and keeping yourself stuck.

The good news – by making a couple of small decisions, you can turn that around.

You can remind yourself of what you’re good at, what it is that you wanted from your business, and create a plan to make that happen.

Choose your hats carefully

It starts with knowing what hats you want to wear. Focus on what you do best – what you’re passionate about, as this is what you need to be focusing on. These are the hats that have ‘I love this’ embroidered on them, and are usually the very reasons and talents that sparked your desire to start a VA business in the first place.

By focusing on what you’re good at, you’ll be giving yourself, your business and your clients the best possible version of you. The You that knows what you’re good at and excels at that – rather than the You that tries to master everything and ends up being mediocre or average.

If you want to enjoy your business and get a sense of achievement and excitement, whenever you go to work, you need to drop those hats that are currently preventing or restricting those good vibes.

Give your energy and motivation levels a boost

The quickest way to get back your energy and motivation is to drop those things that drain you. What are you currently doing that you dislike? Which tasks do you procrastinate over and avoid for as long as possible? What are you doing that eats into your time and leaves you feeling frustrated, annoyed and disappointed with your end results? These are all the tasks that you need to drop from your work schedule.

This doesn’t mean just binning them without a second thought – but it does mean learning to let them go.

Learn to let go

Finally, learn to let go. Give yourself and your business the very same benefits you give your clients – the ability to outsource the tasks that you no longer want or need to do. By outsourcing these tasks, you’re not only giving yourself a gift, you’re also dropping the need to wear so many hats yourself and allowing someone else to show you how well they shine, when they’re able to do what they do best. Added to this, the tasks you’ve outsourced are probably being completed to a higher standard, than you could do.

The result – your business thrives, the outsourcers business thrives, and your client work will be of a higher standard too, meaning they thrive more, as a result.

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