Outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant can be a great way to expand a potential client’s business, and while you are taking care of the administrative portion of their business, they can focus on their clients, the stuff only they can do and the money-making tasks. However before you accept any old client – ask yourself these 3 questions to ensure you are a good fit for each other…

Question 1: What kind of person do I want to want to support?

Do you want someone who is just starting out with a Virtual Assistant for the first time, so you can train them in the way it works, or would you like someone who has experience in working with freelancers, who knows that they need to delegate to you and that you can just run with a job until it’s complete? Do you want to support clients in the same time zone? Do you want someone who works in a particular niche or who needs you to manage a particular software on their behalf?  It’s definitely worth knowing what a client is looking for when they outsource to a VA.

Question 2: Can the client afford you?

Often potential clients are told “If you’re overburdened with your own work and business isn’t moving forward, hiring an assistant is a smart move.”  But often they don’t have a budget or know what a VA actually costs.  So

Now in all honesty, you only want to work with clients who can afford you. I am not saying you should check out their finances or ask to see their profit and loss (although a credit check or quick look at Companies House is recommended) you could ask questions about whether they have a budget for the work they want  you to do.

I encourage you to have your pricing on your website, it can stop the time wasters from booking a discovery call – as in all seriousness you are a business owner first and foremost and have bills to pay too…

Question 3: What tasks can you take over for the potential client?

Know ahead of time what tasks you might be able to take on for a client and talk them through how they can delegate to you. If you can hand hold them through this in the Discovery Call phase, they will see how you might be the right assistant for them.   Give them ideas on how you can help, because if they say “I’ll get you a list of tasks in a few days” – I can pretty much guarantee they will be a pain when it comes to delegating…  So do your research about the client and their business.  If you find yourself with a discovery call with a client in an industry you haven’t supported up until now, ask in the VA Help Desk what others who have supported that sector do for their clients.

Just as you want to find the perfect client, the potential client wants to know you – their possible future VA – is serious about their business and will be able to be proactive and identify potential tasks moving forwards.

Ask yourself do you want a client that is going to allow you to be proactive or who only wants you to be reactive.

Tips for the Discovery Call

When you conduct a Discovery Call this is in fact you interviewing a potential clients, they will be listening to hear your level of professionalism and that you will care for their business as much as your own.  While you might be looking to see if their core values are aligned to yours. There’s quite a difference between a client who is watching the clock and how long it will take you to do something, to a client who is looking for the VA who will be proactive and thinking how to add value, or do things better with their business.  Even in a virtual relationship, you’ll want to give your clients that professional service, that encourages them to outsource more to you and not just be about the tasks!

I always encourage those looking to outsource their admin to a Virtual Assistant to talk to more than one Virtual Assistant.  I also tell them not to outsource to the first person who expresses an interest in working with them (unless after interviewing a couple of people that person is the best person for the role!)  I encourage them to advertise the opportunity, look through Virtual Assistant websites, LinkedIn profiles, social media, testimonials and to interview those who meet their initial criteria.  You therefore need to stand out for the right reasons, mirror the clients words back to them and think how you can make their journey in recruiting their VA easier.  

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