In the first part of my post I talked about how it was important that you as a VA business owner was operating a processs of productivity for your own business as well as for your client’s.

Here, I want to share with you how you can keep focussed on that productivity and handle motivation, handle interruptions, dealing with overwhelm and delegating yourself!


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Motivation for productivity

If you want to be super productive, especially when you are working from home alone, you need to be very self-motivated.? What motivates you to do your best work?? If you are doing work which you do not enjoy or are struggling because you do not not have the skills required to complete the task, then you will feel stuck.? This is where you must be focussed on the work you are accepting as well as ensuring you have other VAs who DO love doing the tasks you do not enjoy or possess the skills where you do not. You must be able to work in the flow to achieve results.


What are you doing about interruptions?

Bring in contingency time to deal with any interruptions from people either by phone or email. You know how stressful it can be when you have a deadline to meet and your friend calls for a chat ? no personal boundaries, or an email comes through or a phone call ? call minding is great for filtering calls and avoiding those distractions. Create a plan to handle those distractions ? if a friend calls, politely tell them you will call them when you are out of work time, ensure you make it clear from the start with friends and family that just because you are working from home you are not open to receive visits or phone calls on a social basis until specific times.? Interruptions from clients ? ensure your clients know when you are and not available and how to contact you in an emergency.? By having a call minding service allows you to have the piece of mind that callers are not being ignored and that you are still presenting a very professional image by having a voice at the end of a phone instead of an answer machine.? Have specific set times when you will visit your emails and even social media such as Twitter.? Have specific times when you will partake in online forums as well.? Practice what you preach to your clients.


Feeling Overwhelmed?

If you look at each project that requires completing you can sometimes look at the whole Sticky notes on wall.task as something that is mammoth.? The important thing here to avoid overwhelm and anxiety, so I suggest to break it all down into small and manageable chucks with a plan of action for each chunk.? Look at time slots for a start and finish of each chunk and plan in advance which resources you need to have to hand for each chunk in order to complete it so you can work in the flow.



Remember what I mentioned earlier to walk your talk?? It?s easy to tell your clients that it is important to delegate to you so that they can be more productive and in the same breath, in order for you as a VA to be providing sufficient support to your clients means delegating yourself sometimes.? It is easy to fall into the trap of thinking it?s easier to do it yourself or that if you delegate you will not earn the full hourly rate even.? However, if you train another VA whom you trust to complete aspects of your client work, then you are in effect building a team of VAs to help you on a continuous basis to support your client efficiently and effectively.

Do ensure you leave your comments and tell me what you do to remain productive and keep calm!

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