Generally speaking do you notice the way you work when you plan to get more done?

You probably find that you work late into the evening and try and multi-task. Yet how much quality do you then apply to your work if you are tired or if you are trying to focus on more that one thing at a time? Long term it is a challenge to keep working in this way without letting someone down as you become stressed, productivity is low and quality is affected.



Productivity is not about how busy you are, it?s when you can measure how much you have accomplished.

When you are offering your own services as a VA, you are encouraging your clients to just focus on what they do best so that they can focus on the tasks which will enable them to be productive and accomplish something. But are you walking your talk?

Leveraging your time and outsourcing is also something you should be focussing on even as a VA. Apart from creating the time to conduct client work, how much time are you putting aside to be productive for your own business? Are you struggling to work on your business without any clear focus or a strategy…because if you are, how can you be productive and accomplish as much? Are you trying to do things yourself using tools which are not your skill set and know this is taking up your own valuable time? Who do you know who can help you so that you can accomplish the task at hand far sooner?
The first thing to think about now is where you use your time and by creating a log of activities will enable you to identify exactly where your time is going. Look at how much time you spend on low activity tasks, how many interruptions are you allowing, do you have a call minder to help with interrupting phone calls?

This is all about self-awareness.

Do you know when you create your most outstanding work? For me I am more productive with ideas and planning in the morning and in the afternoon for practical work. If you understand your patterns you can then work accordingly and plan tasks in the day according to when you have peak performance. It may seem simple yet it is VERY effective. Therefore, you may find that your best time for the type of client work which involves lots of detail is best in the morning when you have lost of energy and the afternoon can be for work which requires more creative skills.


In part two here, I share with you how you can get really MOTIVATED for productivity, how to handle interruptions, delegate and stop feeling overwhelmed!



Carmen MacDougall


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