Networking is something every business needs to be doing, if they want their business to grow. And this is no different for Virtual Assistants. Not only does networking give you the opportunity to increase your client base, it also gives you the chance to raise your profile and been seen.

But networking isn’t just about gaining new clients and growing your business. Networking gives you a chance to interact with other business owners and get some human interaction going – something that can often be missing when you work from home.

Most business owners will go to a networking event and get slightly unsettled, if there’s a ‘competing’ business owner present. They may feel threatened by them and feel like they must network harder, to stand out against that other person and be the one that the other business owners remember, once the event is over.

However, this isn’t often the case for Virtual Assistants. The Virtual Assistant industry is a close-knit one and they tend to understand that networking with other Virtual Assistants offers a lot of value for all involved. Which is why, many Virtual Assistants are committing to regularly meeting up with other Virtual Assistants and making it a major part of their networking strategy.

Networking with other Virtual Assistants benefits your business

We all know the value networking can bring to your business. Not only does it help you build contacts, it enables you to raise your profile and grow relationships with other business owners. Whether you’re looking to get more clients or expand your network of contacts, it’s a smart move.

However, Virtual Assistants also know that networking with other Virtual Assistants gives you an added benefit – it enables you to build a team of Associates.

By getting to know other Virtual Assistants, you’ll be forming friendships with likeminded individuals, who have similar or complimentary skills to yours. As a Virtual Assistant, you know you’re going to have times where a client needs a skill you don’t possess, you’re so snowed under and could do with an extra pair of hands or have a period of illness that prevents you from providing for your clients. This is where building a team of Associates is a smart move – and the people you’re going to think of having as Associates, are those Virtual Assistants you know, like and trust.

Networking with other Virtual Assistants will benefit you

Working on your own can be challenging, in terms of being on your own and running a business. When you network with other Virtual Assistants, you don’t feel so alone. You know there’s someone you can turn to, if you need help and support. If you want to meet up for coffee and discuss a problem you’re facing or have a business issue you don’t know how to solve, someone who’s in the same industry is a perfect sounding board.

With the Virtual Assistants industry growing as it is, there’s always someone who’s further down the path you want to go down or utilising a new skill you’d like to learn more about. And with it being the supportive, close-knit community that it is, news of new tools and techniques is frequently shared with others.

Networking with other Virtual Assistants benefits both parties

The beauty of this close-knit community is yes, you get all the benefits above, but you also get a chance to pay it forward too. There’s the skills you have, that other Virtual Assistants may want to bring into their team of Associates. You get the chance to offer another Virtual Assistant a listening ear, when they need support. And finally, there’s always going to new Virtual Assistants joining your network and are just starting out in business – giving you an opportunity to help and support them, whilst they grow their own Virtual Assistant business.

(The above is talking about face to face networking, however, online networking is equally as important.  I facilitate a safe space for Virtual Assistants to network in my “closed” Facebook Support Group – if you would like to join us, then please request entry by clicking here. You will be asked 3 short questions to gain entry – don’t panic, they are not difficult questions!)

Do you make networking with other Virtual Assistants part of your networking strategy? If not, what action step can you implement, to ensure you reach and connect with other VAs? Maybe you feel there’s a benefit of networking with other VAs that I haven’t addressed – why not leave those benefits, as well as your action steps, in the comments box below!

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