I thought I would share with you some useful tips on how to generate great content for your blog. In the previous blogging posts we have covered headlines and why it is important that you are blogging but sometimes it can be hard to continually create new content for your site.

There is an great quick method that you can use to give you a good selection of blog post ideas that you can use over the coming month. Ideally you need to be blogging at least 3 times a week to get the most out of the increased search engine traffic. This means that ideally you need 18 posts a month, which when put like that can seem a large task.It really isn’t and here is a great way to create these 18 posts at the beginning of the month so you can schedule them in and get on with helping your clients grow their businesses at the same time as growing your own.

Grab a clean sheet of A4 paper on divide it into 4. In the top of each section you need to write the following 4 titles:

  • Background
  • Business
  • FAQ
  • Why me

Then under each heading list 5 things about your business in these areas. For example in Background you could list your past experiences, why you started as a VA etc, in Business list current trends, recent projects or new training you have taken, in FAQ highlight 5 of the most frequently asked questions about how a VA can help or what you do and in Why me this is where you can showcase why people should be using you for their business.

Once you have the ideas you then have 20 posts ready to be written and scheduled for your blog. Ths will also work for your clients if you manage their blogs.