Content creation is an essential element of growing any online business. But so many VAs struggle with finding available content solutions for their needs. Many get bogged down with the idea that they have to create something from scratch, each time they need something to share or post.

But when it comes to creating content, there are so many options available to you, if you know where to look. They don’t all equate to you creating something from scratch or doing it all yourself!

Repurpose your existing content

This is one of the simplest content solutions available to you. If you already have existing content, it doesn’t take much to repurpose it. You can switch up the format or change the medium. Blogs can become videos and vice versa. You can easily create at least 10 different pieces of content from one simple blog. Not only that, but existing content can be expanded on, revised and reworded, making it the most versatile content solution available to you. Need more help with your repurposing? Check out Top Tips For Easily Repurposing Your Content and The Benefits Of Repurposing Content & How To Get Started.

Prewritten content solutions can be valuable to your VA business

Content isn’t something you have to do all by yourself. There are some quality prewritten (or PLR) content providers out there and many provide every type of content you need – from blog posts to social media posts and online courses. The key to using PLR content successfully is to always tweak them to suit your audience and voice, as well as ensuring you buy from a reputable and trustworthy supplier. 

Utilise the power of your business network

Many online business owners aren’t harnessing the power of their own networks when it comes to content solutions. There are so many business owners looking for somewhere to share their stories and provide value to their ideal clients. Reach out and ask the people in your business networks if anyone would like to write a guest post or appear on your podcast – you’ll be surprised at how many will say yes! And of course, you can also write guest blog posts on other people’s sites too! Need help with this? Check out How To Find Guest Blogging Opportunities.

Embrace the importance of your own content creation

We recently looked at how to use content marketing to help more clients – but it’s also important to remember that content creation is an essential tool for attracting new clients, too. Content creation forms the basis of your marketing strategy. It enables you to be seen as an expert and give more value to your clients. [If you need help with creating a marketing plan, check out this post – Does a Virtual Assistant Need A Marketing Plan?!]

If you’re not creating your own content, you need to check that you’re not hiding in plain sight and avoiding being visible. If time is an issue for you, opt for PLR or outsourcing – but also check that you’re not minimising how valuable content creation is. I’d recommend reading through How To use Your Content Marketing To Help More Clients.

Recommended Tool to help

I totally understand that knowing what to post and when is tough – it’s one of the reasons I recommend and use the Janet Murray 2021 Social Media Diary & Planner.  The 2021 Social Media Diary & Planner can help you:

– Save time. With 100s of content ideas at your fingertips, you won’t have to research your own
– Stick to a consistent content schedule. The planning templates and checklists will help you plan ahead and keep you accountable
– Make sales. If you’re publishing high quality content (and doing it more consistently) you will make more sales in your business

Janet Murray Social Media Planning Calendar

You can order your diary by clicking here. 

If content creation isn’t for you – outsource it

And of course, the final content solution available to you is outsourcing. If you really don’t enjoy writing content or spent far too long faffing with each blog, it’s a perfectly viable option for you. Hiring a Ghost Blogger can free up your time and alleviate any guilt you may have around creating your own content. If you constantly try to push yourself to write, when it doesn’t come naturally to you, you’re going to end up hating everything you write. Not only that, but your writing is going to come across as unnatural and strained. Plus, you’re also going to find it incredibly difficult to find the time to do something you dislike!

Content creation is an essential element of business growth and a valuable tool in your marketing toolkit. But so many VAs are avoiding it when they don’t have to. If you’re not keen on writing or have limited time – opt for a smarter content solution, rather than avoiding it altogether.

It can be difficult knowing what content solutions are out there and how to market your business – and it can feel even more stressful when you’re working isolated on your own at home. That’s why I’ve created the VA Membership. It gives you an affordable way to access the practical, supportive and expert help you need, to grow your business further and get the life and business you set out to achieve. If you’re ready to invest in your VA business, you can read more about the VA Membership here.