Learn how to effectively manage social media for multiple clients as a Virtual Assistant in this guest blog. 

It’s incredibly exciting to start amassing social media clients. However, as a one-person team, it’s easy to get overwhelmed quickly when you start growing your client base. If you struggle to maintain consistent efforts, your impact will decline and you may start losing the clients you worked so hard to earn.

If you’re already feeling a little overwhelmed or have a lot of prospects in the pipeline, don’t fret! It’s completely possible to manage social media for multiple clients and do it well. In this article, we’ll dig into some strategies you can implement to make social media management frictionless while still driving incredible results for your clients.

Get to Know Each Client

Even if you have a specific niche you work with, meaning you only service clients in a particular industry or vertical, it’s still essential to spend time getting to know all of your clients. When you manage social media for multiple clients, it’s easy to start writing in the same way, designing similar images, and developing related content. However, it’s important that you provide unique, engaging content for each client.

Understand Their Audience

Before you can develop any social media content, it’s important to understand your client’s audience. Who are they trying to reach with their content? Who is already following their accounts? Build buyer personas for each sub-group of individuals you’d like to reach. It can be helpful to define demographics, as well as their unique interests.

HubSpot’s Make My Persona tool is a great resource for building straightforward buyer personas for each of your clients.

Define & Document Their Brand Personality

Even for clients in related industries, you’ll need to post differently for each account. The best way to differentiate your brand is by establishing a strong brand personality. Are they funny? Empathetic? Aggressive? Use personality traits to define the brand and build a folder of sample pieces to reference.

Another important consideration is that whether you’re posting on behalf of a client or someone on their team is posting, even though the content is written by different people, it should sound like it’s coming from the same brand.

Determine The Unique Value Proposition

What makes your client special out of all the other options out there? Define the selling point that makes your client unique. Hopefully, there are a few different factors that you can point to that help you stand out from the competition. If you and your client aren’t sure, it’s a good idea to conduct user interviews to determine what their customers think.

Build “Cheat Sheets” for Each Client

Once you’ve gotten to know each of your clients, build cheat sheets for each of them. These should include their writing and design styles, buyer personas, brand personality, and hashtags to include in your content. Your cheat sheet should make it easy to understand all the important aspects of your client’s brand, allowing you to switch gears between creating content for each of your clients.

If you ever decide to bring on more team members or offload work to another individual, having a cheat sheet will also make it easy to transition ownership of the account seamlessly.

Utilise a Variety of Content

If you’re managing multiple clients, it can be difficult to develop enough content to fill out your social media queue. Thankfully, there are a few different ways you can optimise your content development.

Share Content Multiple Times

Don’t copy and paste the same post over and over again, but do be sure to share a new article, press release, or product update multiple times. Tweak copy and imagery for each new post, but use the same link to send your audience to. Depending on the longevity of your content, you may be able to promote the same article for up to two years.

Share External Industry Content

Not every piece of content you share needs to be developed by you or your client. Instead, it’s a great idea to sprinkle in industry content from non-competitors that appeals to your audience’s interests. Missinglettr’s Curate tool makes it easy to browse content in specific categories and add ready-made social media posts right to your queue.

Batch Schedule Your Posts

When you’re managing content for multiple clients who each have multiple accounts, you can spend all day manually posting on every different channel. That’s why it’s best to avoid posting manually for the most part. Instead, you should opt to set aside time at the beginning of the week or month to develop and schedule all your content for that period of time.

Social media scheduling tools streamline your efforts by letting you add posts to your queue to go live at a specific time. By using a social media scheduler, you can also dedicate a block of time to each of your clients so you don’t have to constantly switch gears. This makes it easier to develop cohesive, engaging content.

Missinglettr is a unique kind of social media scheduling tool that doesn’t just schedule content, it can also develop posts for you. For each new blog that goes live to your client’s website, Missinglettr will automatically build a 12-month drip campaign. From there, you can adjust content, edit hashtags, and choose which platforms to post on.

Analyze Your Results

For each batch of posts, go through to see how different content types performed. If you find that a specific type of post does really well for one of your clients, be sure to double down on those. Similarly, if you work with clients in the same niche, consider utilizing the strategies that work best for one client on your others. While it’s important to experiment with new content types, it’s essential to analyze the results so you don’t waste your time of efforts that don’t yield engagement.

Streamline Your Efforts

Missinglettr is a cost-effective way to streamline your social media efforts, while still moving the needle for your clients. With the Missinglettr Agency Add-on, you can easily manage all of your social media clients and profiles from one dashboard. No more logging in and out of different accounts! Missinglettr also lets you send content to your clients for approval before launching a campaign, making it easy to coordinate with multiple stakeholders. Ready to see what Missinglettr can do for you? Sign up for free today.

Author bio:
Cass Polzin, content writer at Missinglettr & co-founder of Zealous Advertising, has been blogging for nearly a decade, turning her hobby into a career. After supporting dozens of startups and B2B SaaS companies with inbound marketing and copywriting through an agency, she decided to take the jump into entrepreneurship and co-founded Zealous. Today, she supports organizations of all sizes & industries with their content marketing and SEO efforts. Cass dissects her blogging and marketing process on the Missinglettr blog with educational articles.