When it comes to promoting your Virtual Assistant business, it’s easy to get stuck trading your time for money. But if you want to generate business as a Virtual Assistant, you need to think a little outside of the box. Not all clients will be ready to commit to a package and others may have no idea what you can help them with. 

If you’re looking to generate new business, you need to factor this into both your marketing and your offers. Because let’s face it, if you want to generate business you need to make an impact and stand out AND have the right products and packages in place. 

So here’s a quick summary of how you can generate business and look more appealing to the different types of clients.

Hourly rates and packaged hours to generate business

Hourly rates and packaged hours will always be your starting point, and there’s a good reason for this. Not only does it help your clients budget for your help, but it also allows you to block aside time for them in your diary.

The problem is, most VAs get stuck here and don’t look at the other potential avenues they can try. If you’re looking to generate business as a Virtual Assistant, you need to have other solutions available too.

Package services together

The next option is to look at packaging services together. This helps you to price based on the worth of a service, rather than sticking to an hourly rate. Examples include blogging services, social media management and launch management. For more advice on creating packages that work for you, take a look at Are you selling what your clients want to buy? 

Think passive income opportunities

If you want to generate business as a Virtual Assistant you also need to have some passive income opportunities on your books. This includes creating templates, graphics and e-guides, as well as offering power hours. 

Generate business by catering for the different entry points to your business

When you’re generating new business, you need to consider the different entry points to your business. For example, are your potential clients looking for quick solutions or a long-term commitment? Are there similar recurring issues or projects, systems and processes that need setting up once to help solve their issues? Thinking in this way will help you come up with passive income opportunities and potential new packages etc, that will help generate more business opportunities for you.

Start building a relationship with your freebies

And that leads us to your initial entry point – your freebies. Not every potential client is ready to work with you yet. But that doesn’t mean you should ignore or abandon them. Have simple things in place to help them at this entry point. Get them on your mailing list so you can take the time to build a relationship with them until they’re in a place where they are ready to work with you.

There are so many ways you can generate business as a Virtual Assistant. The key is to look appealing to your clients, no matter what stage of the journey they are in or how they initially found you. Think outside of the box, when it comes to the services you offer and how you promote them, and you’ll have a better chance of coming up with a solution that works for your clients – and generates more business for you. [Check out 10 ways to easily promote your VA business if you need help with promotion, and check out 5 Steps you can take for better selling results if you’d like to improve your results.]

Generating business takes time, but it helps to have the right support network in place, as well as access to training and advice that will help. You’ll find both of these within VA Membership – as well as weekly accountability, expert webinars and two coworking sessions a month. So why not check out this affordable monthly membership site specifically for Virtual Assistants!