The conversations I have had with many VAs regarding their frustration over networking in person and not understanding why they were not receiving a financial return on their investment has lead to the development of this course.

1911760_10202712286744004_7926751019432121616_nIn addition many VAs have approached me to ask for support around overcoming their lack of confidence when networking.? So, for instance, not having the confidence to walk into a room full of strangers and striking up a conversation but also not knowing what to say – whether it?s in a conversation with somebody or in their one minute, forty second or ten minute presentation.

The other challenges included not really knowing how to form a networking strategy that involved following up with people and having one-to-one meetings that ignited some form of prospective client opportunity.? Many VAs have stressed to me that they don?t like the idea of coming across as selling themselves and so either avoid talking about themselves altogether or they have been quite limited in what they have said to people.

The other challenge is that they didn?t feel they were getting across successfully a clear message so that people would understand the effectiveness of using a VA and the benefits to their business.

Therefore thecourse is a combination of insights from not only my own experiences but those of other people who have shared their key strategies with me over the years.

I?m fortunate to have got to know and become friends with influential and highly respected people in the networking world: Jacqueline Rogers, the Founder of The Athena Network (one of the most successful women?s networking groups in the UK and now in Singapore and Australia); Brad Burton, Founder of 4Networking, the largest networking group in the UK and Australia; Penny Power, Co-Founder of Ecademy, the first online networking platform for business owners; Julie Hall, the Creator of Women-Unlimited which brings together women in business around the UK; Jane Hopkins MBE, Founder of MumsClub, a nationwide networking organisation and online support for mumpreneurs and in the world of VAs, Jacky Workman of The International Association of VAs, established in the UK in 1999 and the first international online group for VAs.? In the world of PAs this includes Sue France (UK Chairman) and Angela Garry (Regional Director) for EUMA – The European Management Assistants.

These are people whom I consider as part of my ?Dream Team?.

How to Network Effectively, Get Your VA Business Noticed and Make Money

In this VA Mastery Class training you will learn:


  • The 7 Essential Tools You Need to GET RESULTS, GET CLIENTS, MAKE MONEY and THRIVE from Your Networking!!!;
  • Discover the 9 common mistakes many VAs make when networking and how to avoid them;
  • How to stop wasting money from networking and discover the tried and tested ways to gain a return on your investment;
  • Discover the real ways to raise and boost your profile to a much wider audience and become a sought after VA;?and
  • Discover how networking effectively saved my business when it took a downturn.
Is this YOU??
  • You dread the thought of networking and just the idea of turning up to a room full of strangers scares you?
  • Your confidence is low and you feel very nervous?
  • You don?t always know how to describe what you do and often people don?t really get the message?
  • You hate the thought of selling so you avoid talking about yourself and especially about fees?
  • You dread having to stand up to give your one-minute pitch and you struggle with what to say?
  • You understand the importance of investing in your networking but you?re not getting any referrals or paying clients so you feel you?re wasting your time and energy?
  • You just feel at a loss with what to do and you need to get clients now!!!!
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