Evernote is a notebook with a difference. It’s online, never runs out of pages (depending on the subscription option you choose) and allows you to collate information in different formats – from images to website URL, handwritten notes to audio.

Available on your PC, Mac and most portable devices and phones, Evernote allows you to take note taking into the next generation!

The benefits of Evernote

Evernote allows you to keep relevant data together. Not only can it be used as a central notebook-come-scrapbook, it also has the ability to recognise text within captured images, handwritten notes and audio files.

What does this mean for you? Well imagine being able to be at a meeting and record AND save an audio file of that meeting, right alongside your own typed or handwritten notes!

Linking with Google

Integrates with Google – search for something and if you have any relevant notes already on Evernote, they’ll show up as related results, next to your Google results (if you have the ‘relevant results’ feature turned on).

Web Clipper

Web Clipper extension is more than just a bookmark section of interesting websites – it’s a means to add notes

Notepads and tags

Evernote gives you access to as many notepads, notes and tags as you like. Tags are a great way to identify notes that can relate to several different projects and/or clients. You can use tags to help make searching similar content easier, in exactly the same way you use tags on your WordPress site.

Note links

Note links are another feature that, on the surface seems irrelevant, however they have an important purpose.

Imagine you’re working a big report, project of eBook. You collect together online resources and notes relating to it in an Evernote notebook. You can then create a separate text note to house the links from all of those relevant notes – and you have a ready-made skeleton or table of contents for your finished project!

Sharing data

Evernote notes and files can be saved locally on your own device or synced with the online Evernote server making every file easily accessible, no matter where you are. You can also share Evernote notes with others – even if they’re not on Evernote themselves!

The downside of Evernote

As with any cloud-based software, Evernote can have security breaches. The files are NOT encrypted, so it’s worth remembering that before you start storing your personal client data on there.

But pretty much any software you use can be prone to hacks, so common sense should prevail, when it comes to storing things such as account details and passwords. With both free and paid-for options available, why not give Evernote a try and see how you get on?

Do you use Evernote for your business? What do you find is the biggest benefit? Why not share your secrets to using Evernote effectively, by leaving a comment in the box below!