I want to try and capture some Password Generation Software Virtual Assistants could use to support their business.

Passwords are needed for everything now. But generating secure passwords can be difficult, unless you use password generation software.

We seem to need them for everything we do now. Whether you’re banking online or registering on a free site, they all want you to set up a username and password. Not only is it difficult to think of a secure password, it’s just as difficult to remember them!

We’ve all been guilty of making these password mistakes:

  • Using the same password for several sites
  • Picking our pet and children’s names
  • Opting for something that is easy to remember – but not necessarily secure

And this is where password generation software comes in. All of them will enable you to generate an incredibly secure password, some of them will even let you select criteria you’d like included in that password and others – others will let you securely store your passwords for different sites, so you don’t have to even remember what your passwords are!

Norton Identity Safe Password Generator

When it comes to online security, Norton is a trusted name. You can use their free Password Generator software to create passwords that are difficult to crack and customisable. You have the option to customise it by including lower and upper case numbers, letters, numbers, punctuation and also state the length of password you’d like and if you’d rather it didn’t repeat any characters.

Norton Identity Safe Password Generator is an online, free software and you can access it here.

IObit Random Password Generator

IObit have created a random password generator that also manages your passwords for you, so you don’t have to remember what passwords go with which site.

This free Windows-based download is intuitive and quick, enabling you to create strong, safe passwords. You can also check how secure your passwords are, as IObit also has a password checker included.

IObit Random Password Generator is a Windows-based free download and you can access it here.


LastPass is another password generator that also has a built in manager. LastPass sits in your browser and, as you use the internet, it prompts you to save all of your passwords, as well as prompting you to create new ones, when needed. It supports most browsers and works on Windows, Apple and Penguin based devices.

LastPass has both free and premium, paid-for options available. You can check it out here.

What software do you currently use for your passwords or do you create your own? Do you consider password generation software as essential or a total overkill? Why not share your opinions in the comments box below!

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/FreeDigitalPhotos.net