When it comes to creating passwords, we know they need to be secure. We may even use password generation software to create a truly encrypted password, to ensure our content is safe. We may then need to share that password with our clients – and we’re either stuck on HOW to do that or we end up emailing our secure password over, without giving it a second thought!

As a VA, when it comes to securely sharing our passwords with clients, there are several different options we can implement.


This is often our first choice but, as mentioned above, it isn’t the most security conscious decision! If you want to use email, it would be better to implement a two-part system, as detailed below.

Using a two-part system

Still very low-tech, this option is more secure than simply emailing your passwords over. With a two-part system you only send half of the password via email or SMS text – and then choose another option (such as Instant Message or Skype message) for sending the second half. Obviously, this isn’t the most secure option – and it certainly isn’t the most professional-looking either.


All of your files on Dropbox are securely saved on the cloud, so another option for password sharing, is to use that security already in place. Create a file and save the password, as a plain text document, within that file. You can then share the Dropbox file with your client.

Secure password sharing software programs

There are several secure password sharing programs out there for the more security conscious:

LastPass – allows you to securely create, store and share individual passwords with others. You are able to see all your accounts and passwords in one easy-to-use ‘vault’, where you can edit, delete, and organize your stored data. The normal version of LastPass is free, while the premium version of LastPass syncs automatically, so you’re up-to-date, wherever you are and costs $12 per year.

SafeStacks – allows you to securely share passwords and other important information with your clients. You can try SafeStack free for the first 30 days before the monthly $12 price begins.

TeamPassword – can be installed on your PC and smartphone browser. TeamPassword has a 14 day trial, with several paid monthly subscriptions from $7 available.

PassPack – is another program that allows you to manage and share passwords. You can have a free PassPack account or opt for one of the paid-for options (prices start at $1.50 a month).

CommonKey – saves your passwords and lets you and your team securely login, without having to remember the password. Those not already members of your CommonKey team will be sent a confirmation email to click on, before they receive another email with their login details etc. CommonKey is free for teams of up to three users and $2 a month for larger teams.

Privnote – enables you to create a simple note – you can then copy the link and send it to your client – and the note will self-destruct once read! Don’t believe me? Check it out here!

What options do you use for sending secure passwords to your clients? Do you go for standard emails or do you have a system and/or software already in place? Why not share your recommendations in the comments box below!