Having your own list of interested and targeted subscribers is a must, for any business. During this month we’ve looked at using a lead magnet to build a list of interested subscribers. We’ve covered the main elements of creating a lead magnet, as well as tips on promoting it. However, one of the big issues small business owners have with a mailing list, is know what to do with it, once they do have one.

Knowing what to do with your mailing list of subscribers is only one issue…

For many, the idea of having a subscriber list is great. They know what to do with it – they need to nurture the people on it – but they simply don’t know how to stay in touch with those subscribers. They worry about what to say and how to regularly stay in touch, without appearing spammy or salesy. It also takes time to nurture your list  – and this takes time away from the other things in your business.

Staying in touch doesn’t have to take a lot of time

If you want to easily and simply stay in touch with your subscribers, in the least amount of time, you need to get organised – you need a strategy. This can take a little work up front, but it will pay dividends and save you time, in the long run.

A strategy for staying in touch with your subscribers can involve tweaking what you already do. For example, you may already write a blog each week. By simply copying and pasting the opening paragraph and blog image, you have the startings of an email to your mailing list subscribers. You may already bookmark favourite resources, blog and podcasts – but if you add the links to a notepad document, you could use these as the basis of a resource email to your list.

Ideas to help you stay in touch with your subscribers

Staying in touch with your subscribers means you need to have something to say. Many business owners worry they’re being boring or uninspiring with their emails. They worry the recipient won’t be interested. But your mailing list subscribers have already shown their interest in you and your services – they WANT to hear from you!

If you’re struggling to know what to put in your email, without seeming salesy or spammy, here’s 20 ideas to get you started:

  • Create a email welcome series of 7-10 emails
  • Update them on your latest blog
  • Send out a newsletter
  • Share a useful resource
  • Ask for help and advice
  • Share deals and offers
  • Let them celebrate with you – share your announcements
  • Share an evergreen blog with them
  • Give them exclusive content
  • Answer a frequently asked question
  • Give them an additional bonus template or checklist
  • Share industry news (if relevant)
  • Encourage them to follow you on other platforms
  • Share an expanded version of a social media status
  • Tell a story with a series of emails
  • Share your journey
  • Give them an insight into your life
  • Share a reward, achievement or celebration
  • Promote something
  • Launch a new service or product and create an email sequence around this

How did you get on with today’s blog? Did the ideas inspire you – if so, which one will you implement first? Maybe you’ve had a great idea that isn’t already on my list? Why not share it, in the comments box below!