When it comes to posting content on social media and blogs, we know regular interaction is best. We can use a social media plan to help ascertain when and what type of content we want to post, but coming up with ideas on WHAT to post and remembering those ideas can be hard.


There are several applications available out there, that can make collating data for our social media and blogging activities easier.


Dropbox is a tool that creates a file on your laptop and in the cloud. You can use it as a storage and backup system, but it is also a great place to store images for your social media and blogging content. (Dropbox)


Evernote is perfect for collating data for social media and blogging. This software service allows you to keep all your notes, interesting images, websites, memos and handwritten notes in one place. You can download the app to your phone to make it super easy to record notes on the move. (Evernote)


This is a task management tool that allows you to plan, organise and track progress on all of your projects, plans and ideas, plus it allows you to invite others to join you, so you can assign projects to them and track their progress too. You can create a list of your social media and blogging content ideas, before using the description section to post useful links for additional content. (Asana)


If Asana is too regimental for you, why not check out Trello? It has a lot of similarities to Evernote, in terms of what you can post on it and it allows you to attach images, web links and simple notes too. (Trello)


You can set Buffer on your desktop, up as an extension in Chrome and on your iPhone or Android phone, giving you an easy way to bookmark and save those things online that you find interesting. It will then automatically post them to your social media accounts throughout the day or week too, if you link them to your Buffer account. (Buffer)


Feedly is a cloud based news aggregator service that allows you to collate the RSS feeds of websites you are interested in. You can group together your content results via category too. This gives you a simple way to quickly read, dismiss and mark the content as you see fit. You can easily find suggestions for additional places to subscribe to, by using broad category suggestions. (Feedly)

When it comes to using the different applications, pick only one or two that really resonate with you, otherwise you’ll get overwhelmed. You can then learn how to master them AND easily collate data for social media and blogs.

What are your experiences with these tools? Have you used them before or are they new to you? Do you find any particular tools easier than others? What systems do you use to collate data for your social media and blogs? Why not share your thoughts and experiences in the comments box below.