Should VAs use Pinterest to market their VA business?

Perhaps you have been wondering if Pinterest can play a part in the marketing efforts of your VA business. You might be wondering should VAs use Pinterest to market your business or how it can fit into the overall marketing plan?

Pre Spring 2018, I was a firm believer that Pinterest was a social media platform that I just did not understand.  I had 6 pins on a couple of boards, that were thrown up in a moment of me doing what my coach had told me to do!  So imagine my surprise when someone said to me that they thought I ought to check out whether these pins were getting any visibility.  The shock was immense when I learnt that in fact they were getting several hundred views per month, including driving traffic to my website!  I sat up and listened! 

It was this point I came across Rachel Ngom, who was running a free Pinterest Challenge and  I’m super pumped to say that she is running her Pin 2 Profit Challenge again, during it she is sharing her secrets on how to use PINTEREST to generate new leads & sales on autopilot!!

It’s gonna be a ton of fun and it’s freeee!
Twelve months on, I realise that Pinterest is a visual search engine – and that VAs should use it as part of their overall marketing strategy.
So, I am really excited as I got to video interview Rachel today on the topic of “Should VAs use Pinterest to market their business?”  I had a power outage 5 minutes before the interview started so i am a little flustered during the call, and we had planned to try and go live in the Facebook group too – but the technology would not let us do that either.  But hey I got to ask her why the all important question and can share the answer with you here.
Click on the graphic below to watch the video. 

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Here are 3 facts about PINTEREST that will surprise you BIG time and change the way you do business (if you let it!).

>> 92% users intend to buy.

>> 88% users purchase what they pin.

>> 49% buy at least 5 times or more!!!

And to top it all off, while the lifespan of a social media post is measured in minutes, a pin can get 50% of its engagement even after 3 months. How cool is that?

If you have been missing out on this opportunity in your business, it’s time you leverage Pinterest to the fullest.

Starting March 18th, Rachel is hosting a 5-Day LIVE Pin to Profit Challenge to help you amplify your organic reach, get more leads into your business, and convert them into happy clients.

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Pinners aren’t merely lurkers, time wasters, or virtual window shoppers. They actively search for relevant people, follow them with passion and love purchasing from them.

No more feeling lost, unheard and unrecognised! It’s time you get in the spotlight and serve your audience in the BEST way possible.

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Yes, I have done this challenge in the past but I will be doing it again alongside you – so if you are wanting to nail Pinterest this could be the time to start.  I am here to help you master it as I am a firm believer in it adding value to your VA business.