Brand recognition is something we all aspire to achieve on social media. However, for many, business branding simply means having a pretty logo, when in reality, it’s so much more than that!

To get brand consistency going, you need to begin, by understanding what branding is. Branding is the overall impression and message you want to give about your business, from the material you put out there (from your logo, images, colours, text to the different media styles you use). What sets you apart from everyone else is your personality, beliefs and values etc – so it’s important that these are part of your overall business branding message.

So, having said all that, how do you ensure you’re staying consistent with your brand on social media?

Start with your message

You cannot hope to be brand consistent, if you’re not sure about what your message is in the first place. Therefore, it’s important that you’re clear on your mission statement, values and beliefs, and who it is that you serve. What is it you stand for and what is it that sets you apart from other, similar businesses? What services do you provide and what problems do they solve?

Your values and beliefs will help dictate what type of content you create and share on social media. For example, if simplicity is a key value, you wouldn’t be writing blogs and statuses that use complex or technical wording.

Why are you on social media?

This is something you need to ask yourself, for each piece you share or create. You know what your message is – now how is this piece of content going to help you share that message and grow your business? What are your reasons for sharing it? Are you looking to build your online presence, sell more goods or gain more followers? Knowing your why, will help you share content that is both relevant and on brand.

The overall appearance of your brand

Everything you create needs to be brand consistent – from the wording and style, right through to the colours and images you use. Save yourself time, by creating a brand guide, that lists your logo and branding colours, fonts and the feelings you want your clients to feel, as this will help you use words and images to portray those feelings.

Your images need to be brand consistent too. This can be obvious, such as including a certain object in each image, or more generic – such as ensuring your images are brand colour consistent or show people who reflect the feelings you want your clients to feel.

Frequency and type of posts

This brings us to the type of posts you share, along with your posting frequency. If you’re looking to be authentic and heart-based, you’ll want to share more about you, your day and your personal beliefs and thoughts. However, if you’re looking to come across as highly professional, you’ll give your personal beliefs and thoughts more of an authoritarian or expert slant.

When it comes to the frequency of your posting, again, this is something that is linked to your branding. If you stick to a consistent posting schedule, you’re both illustrating your commitment and consistency, as well as raising your profile and business trust factors.

Branding is a huge subject, one that will take more than today’s blog to adequately illustrate. However, if you follow the tips above, you’ll be on your way to consistently and confidently growing your brand on social media.

What are your thoughts around branding? Is it something you feel confident in doing yourself – or is it something that leaves you confused and procrastinating over? Why not share your successes and frustrations around branding, in the comments section below!