• Is there a place for email marketing today? [updated]

    Is there a place for email marketing in 2018?

    Email marketing, as with other marketing methods, has had its fair share of issues. It was associated with spam and junk for a while but, despite the bad associations, it’s still a thriving and essential business marketing tool. And is that any wonder – as it’s still super effective! As an inbound marketing tool, email […]


  • Traditional marketing methods

    Traditional marketing methods - why ruling them out would be a big mistake for your Virtual Assistant Business

    Traditional marketing methods – why ruling them out is a mistake Contrary to popular belief, social media and online marketing didn’t replace traditional marketing methods. In fact, they’re still incredibly relevant in your business. But perhaps we did sweep them to the side-lines, in favour of the newer, easier options available to us. Social media […]


  • Are you in business for the long or short game?

    business start up

    Starting your own business can be exhilarating. It can also be scary and overwhelming. One thing that you need to keep on top off, if you want your business to succeed, is your mindset around it. Have the right mindset and you’ll quickly implement the essential business fundamentals, to ensure you’re off to the best start. Have the wrong […]


  • Self-belief in business: stop selling yourself short


    It’s a sad fact for many business women, but the current levels of self-belief you have, for yourself and your business, are often the biggest stumbling block you’ll face in your overall success. Whether you’re a work-from-home mum, juggling work and home, or an older VA who’s looking to make the transition from redundancy to […]