• The humble business card!

    business card

    Your business card needs to tell the story of your business – something that isn’t always easy, when you’re talking about a piece of card only a few inches tall! The choice of font, colours, wording and texture of the card you use, can go a long way towards helping make it easier for you […]


  • Social Media – review, reflect and revisit!

    Social Media - review, reflect and revisit

    Social media is both a fun social tool for your downtime and an essential tool for your business growth. With the average person spending an average 2 hours a day on social media, that figure increases dramatically, if you currently provide social media solutions to your clients. It’s therefore a tool that we all need […]


  • Why networking is like dating

    networking is like dating

    Small businesses thrive, when they have a network of contacts. Not only does networking give them a list of contacts and potential joint venture partners, it also enables them to get visible and in front of potential clients too. However, networking isn’t just about being seen in the right circles, it’s about relationship building too […]


  • 7 Mistakes To Avoid Making On LinkedIn As A Virtual Assistant

    Guest Blog “7 Mistakes To Avoid Making On LinkedIn As A Virtual Assistant from Warren Knight of Think Digital First. As a virtual assistant, do you feel overwhelmed by the online world, and don’t know what will get you the best ROE (return on engagement) inside of LinkedIn? Over the last 12 months, I have worked […]


  • Why do people use a VA?

    [update]  This is a blog from the VACT archive but the content is still relevant and the articles it refers to are still available to read. I came across an interesting article from The Telegraph newspaper from 2010 and it was around the topic of why people delegate.  I thought this was a great advertisement […]