[update]  This is a blog from the VACT archive but the content is still relevant and the articles it refers to are still available to read.

I came across an interesting article from The Telegraph newspaper from 2010 and it was around the topic of why people delegate.  I thought this was a great advertisement for the VA industry and perhaps helps those looking at becoming a VA, to understand that there are so many wonderful opportunities out there at the moment. Although an old article it is still relevant today in 2020.

However, smart business people know that, in order for them to focus on those key activities that will enable them to push forward their business and continue to raise their profile, they can only but delegate.

People set up their business with amazing passion and energy, with great visions of where they believe their business will take them. Then, they start to get bogged down with the detail of every day tasks that actually take their eye off the ball, away from the important actions that will guarantee they will reach their goals within the timeframe they expect.

Therefore, as more and more business owners are realising the importance of delegating to keep their business from failure, we also have the scenario that larger organisations are choosing to downsize and instead of employees, they delegate to freelance professionals. These freelance professionals can be VAs, as well as HR consultants, Accountancy firms and so on.

This is where the world of business is heading.  If you attend any conference or event where people like Doug Richards and James Caan are presenting, you will no doubt hear them tell the audience that they must delegate to people who possess the skills to help with areas of their business. A great lesson is learnt by readers of The E-Myth Revisited by Michael Gerber, again with the same message… do what you are great at and outsource everything else… otherwise how do you expect to succeed.

So hopefully for those of you out there wondering if this is a worthwhile industry to be getting into, you can see now that it is.  And forget the myth that the industry is saturated or there is too much competition.  The VA industry is very supportive and not only that, more people enter an industry if there is a demand…and yes, there is a huge demand.

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Plus, here is an extract from that Telegraph article from June 2010:

“The best entrepreneurs have discovered that the real key to success is to focus as much of their time as possible on their unique ability, and delegate everything else. They waste the absolute minimum amount of time in areas where they are incompetent, competent, or even excellent. Instead, they delegate these jobs to other people whose unique ability matches the tasks they are asked to perform.

In addition to greater professional performance and productivity, and the growth in revenue these entail, owner-managers that work only in these areas will experience a greater sense of simplicity – an incredibly rare feeling for those running small businesses.”

So when you are out there looking for clients for your VA business – let me ask you this: “Are you selling what your clients want?”  If you are not sure – you might want to have a read of this blog post: “Are you selling what your clients want to buy?”