• Social media etiquette – what not to do on social media

    social media etiquette

    Social media is an essential business tool for any online business. With the average person spending over 2 hours a day on social media, it’s understandable that businesses want to go where their potential clients are. And that’s great – if what you’re doing on those social media platforms is good for your business. When […]


  • To share or not to share on social media?

    to share or not to share on social media

    I recently read an interesting post on the top things not to share on social media (you can find the original article here) and it got me thinking. How many of us are guilty of posting or sharing things that, on reflection, were better left unshared or unsaid? So, I popped a link into our […]


  • 7 time saving tips for social media content creation

    social media time saving tips

    Social media is an essential part of everyday business life now, but creating that content can be a real drain on your available time. It’s therefore, so important to have a strategy in place to make that creation more efficient and streamlined. Here’s 7 tips to save time when creating content for your social media. […]


  • Brand consistency on social media

    brand consistency

    Brand recognition is something we all aspire to achieve on social media. However, for many, business branding simply means having a pretty logo, when in reality, it’s so much more than that! To get brand consistency going, you need to begin, by understanding what branding is. Branding is the overall impression and message you want […]