Clients are the lifeblood of any business. As a Virtual Assistant, clients are incredibly important to your business. Not only do they provide the main focus of your work, but they can directly help your business grow, with word of mouth referrals and increased workload etc. In short, they make your business, so it’s essential you value the clients in your VA business.

Because it’s all too easy to get focused on getting in new businesses. Your attention drifts to filling your books, and all too often, this means existing clients get forgotten. After all, they’re already part of your business, right?

However, customer retention is of equal, if not greater importance. It’s the existing clients that help keep your business ticking over. It’s, therefore crucial that you take the time to realise how important and valuable they are for your business. So here’s what you need to do, to help reacquaint yourself with the importance and value they bring your way.

Remind yourself of the importance of your clients in your VA business

No matter how few or many hours they’re paying you for, you’re looking to provide them with a valuable service. You are important to each one of your clients. But each of them is important to you too. And each of them is also providing you with things you need. They’re providing you with financial stability, their trust, their confidence, and an opportunity to make a difference to your business. It works both ways!

Bring value to every client 

That’s why you need to remind yourself of why they hired you and what you can bring to the table. You can bring value to every one of the clients in your VA business. You can bring value in how you help them, why you want to help them, and the actual solutions and services you provide. [Need help managing multiple clients? Check out this recent blog post!]

Stay proactive

Because you were hired to bring value to their business. As the previous paragraph points out, that can be in the way you help them and the solutions you provide. But you also need to be alert to new possibilities and opportunities to help them further. Be proactive in your approach. Offer them new potential opportunities to work with you and solutions they may not have seen for themselves.

Set clear boundaries

It’s easy to become friends with the clients in your VA business, especially if you’ve been working with them for a while. But it’s important that you don’t let boundaries and standards slip. Be strict with yourself and your clients. Honour your boundaries and encourage them to honour theirs too. It’s how you keep both standards and values high. [Need help with setting boundaries? Check out this blog post!]

Be grateful for the clients in your VA business

With each client, you have another opportunity to be grateful. Grateful that you have clients and thankful that you have a successful, thriving business. So nurture your client relationships. Take time to celebrate their milestones and special occasions. Get to know them as a business owner and a colleague. Be grateful and appreciative of the work you’re able to provide and express that gratitude – not just verbally, but also in how you work and act with your clients.

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