If you want your VA business to grow and flourish, you need a VA mentor. That may seem like a rather abrupt statement, but it highlights how crucial a role VA mentors can play, in both your life and your business.

So, that being said – what value will you get from working with a VA mentor?  When you invest in your VA business – it’s not all about the money!


The most essential value a VA mentor brings to the table is their experience. They’ve been where you are, made (and learnt from) their mistakes and come out the other side. They have a whole host of skills, tips, advice and knowledge as a result – meaning they can help you avoid costly mistakes AND save you a lot of time and unnecessary effort.

A VA mentor provides accountability

One of the areas a lot of VAs and other solo-preneurs struggle with is that of motivation. It can be a lonely profession, working from home, one that can leave you open to procrastination and demotivation. A VA mentor will hold you accountable to your goals and targets, on a weekly and monthly basis, whilst providing you with ample motivation and encouragement, at every step.

Network of contacts

One of the huge benefits you’ll get when working with a VA mentor is access to their network of contacts. If they’ve been in business for a while, they’ll automatically have accumulated a virtual rolodex of important business contacts – from preferred software, right through to influential business contacts and potential clients.

Tailored training and support

As VAs, we must deal with lots of different businesses and tasks – and it’s understandable that we may not have all the answers and solutions. Maybe we don’t know how to use a particular piece of software or struggle to know how best to help a particular client. Often, your mentor will be able to provide ad-hoc training for specific software needs and to ensure a solution is found. That’s the beauty of monthly coaching/mentoring slots – you can tailor them to suit your individual needs.

Reaching your full potential

We don’t always see or appreciate how far we can go, in business. It’s easy to put a cap on potential, due to limited experience, confidence or self-belief. A VA mentor will push you to be your best. Yes, sometimes it’s uncomfortable and yes, sometimes, they’ll set that bar higher than you would – but they’ll ensure you reach further and aim higher than you currently think you’re capable of. They’ll also encourage and support you each step of the way – especially useful, if your confidence isn’t as high as it could be.

We could all do with a helping hand

Studying a course alone is great and you’ll achieve what you set out to achieve – if your confidence and belief is high, and if you have the drive and motivation to succeed.

But often, it’s a sad fact that we don’t always believe in ourselves. We may start out with our courage and optimism high, but can easily get overwhelmed and lost, on our way to what we want. Often, we limit what we think we’re capable off too, due to the environment we live in or the people we associate with – and it’s times like this, that we need some extra help. We need to know that there is someone who believes in us; someone to guide us on the right path, for the best possible outcome for us. And this is where a VA mentor comes into their own and proves they’re worth every single penny of the investment.

Here are VACT – we have several ways in which you can work with a Coach or a Mentor, one of our most popular ways is as part of our group programme – the VA Membership.

The VA Membership is the only UK VA business accelerator that’s designed specifically to help you build and grow your VA business, to help you create recurring revenue and consistent growth through regular and consistent action.  With over 100+ hours of courses, weekly co-working sessions, weekly group coaching calls, a private support group and the ability to pay as you go – when you’re ready to grow or scale your business online. 

The VA Membership has the option to upgrade to more one to one coaching and mentoring support as part of the Luminary VA coaching and mentoring options.  If you would like to see / learn more then please do check out The VA Membership. 


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