Last week, I had some long conversations with Darren Strudwick from Quality Website Design and VA-Websites about how not everyone can afford £100’s for their first VA website.  Darren has an amazing offer priced at just £95 for a 6 page website which could be just what you need to get started. So… I asked him to pull together a blog post that explains what you get for that price.  

You’ve made the decision to become a virtual assistant, you’ve signed up to and completed a VA mentoring course, you’re almost ready to embark on your new career, but one essential piece of the puzzle is still missing …. a website.

Without a website your career is going nowhere! You will be visible to no one and that includes all of your potential clients. But a website doesn’t just make you visible, it gives you credibility, it gives your clients a way to find out about you and the services you offer, it gives you everything.


if you’ve never had a website before, the chances are you won’t have a clue where to start and if you do have a clue where to start you might be thinking that a good website plus all the necessary extras will cost you a small fortune. offer you a web design package which is unique in terms of price, value, and service provided. Specialising exclusively in designing websites for virtual assistants provide you with EVERYTHING you need to get your business online all for ONLY £95/YEAR, including a 6-page website built for you (worth £395) plus a host of other necessities all of which would cost well over £95/year if purchased elsewhere.

WHAT’S ON OFFER offer you an all-inclusive package for just £95/year:

  • 6 page professionally designed website
  • FREE domain
  • Hosting
  • SSL Certificate
  • Email Address
  • GDPR Privacy Policy
  • Business Card Design
  • Professional stock images


Not only is so much on offer for well below the going rate, but getting started couldn’t be easier. Simply contact and they will do EVERYTHING for you.  Anything you don’t understand will be explained in plain English, and you will not be required to do anything technical. 

Contact Darren, [email protected] and your website could be up and running within 24 to 48 hours.

Note from Amanda

I appreciate this offer is not for everyone and doesn’t quite align with what I teach, so I went back and asked Darren a couple of questions before I was happy to share this great deal with you – I share those questions and answers below. 

What are the ongoing costs for year 2 onwards?

Every year is simply £95 nothing more nothing less, this covers everything – SSL Certificate, Hosting, Emails, Domain and anything you can think of.

Who is the domain name registered to - if VA-Websites buy it?

The domain name will be registered to the client, and although you (the client) can register the domain yourself if VA-Websites do it – it will not cost you. 

What happens if I leave the VA-Websites hosting?

If you leave the hosting you will lose the website – (in the same way as you would if you left a site such as WIX, soon as you stop paying you lose your website.)

What happens if you need changes to text on the site?

Changes to text, uploading images etc. If the VA’s need any changes made, all they have to do is request it in an email and the changes will be made for them free of charge.

Is a blog included?

No – a blog is not included but for a one off fee of £150, it can be added. Discuss this with Darren either now or when you are ready to add the blog page in the future.

Can I link to my social media profiles?

Absolutely you can.