Do you want to be a VA or do you want to be an awesome VA? For some, that question can immediately cause confusion – after all, aren’t they the same thing? Does it really matter what type of VA you are, as long as you’re using your skills to run a business and make money? They shrug their shoulders and move on with their day.

But for others, that question makes them pause for thought. And this pause is often followed by questions around what they need to do, and if they can become, an awesome VA. The thought will stay with them, as they go about their day, wondering how they can become awesome. 

And it’s these VAs that I love working with – and for who today’s blog is written for.

Is there a difference between a VA and an awesome VA?

So what is the difference between the two VAs? Well, if you’ve ever sat and listened to your children raving about something they enjoy doing, you’ll understand. Let’s say your children love drawing dinosaurs. Often, they’re not happy just drawing any old dinosaur, they want to draw the ‘best ever’ one – and they want to be the best dinosaur artist ever, too! They’ll ramp up the enthusiasm, focus and determination to make that happen and they’ll live that passion to the full.

And that’s the difference between a VA and an awesome VA – for one, it’s’ just a job’, whilst for the other, it’s a mission and/or passion to be a Virtual Assistant. It’s about how you can best serve your ideal clients – as opposed to focusing on just what’s in it for you.

What it takes to become an awesome VA

Because, if it’s your mission or passion to do something, you’ll live it with a deeper focus and enthusiasm that’s reserved only for those things you enjoy in life. That’s why I give all Luminary 1:2:1 Clients sign-ups a copy of ‘The Go Giver’ (written by Bob Burg and John David Mann). It beautifully illustrates what it takes to become an awesome VA – deciding who you’re going to be, what’s needed to make it happen, and putting in the work to make it be your reality.

So with that being said, here’s how that breaks down into actionable steps.

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Steps #1: Make the decision now, to become an awesome VA

If you want to become an awesome VA, start by making that decision. This not only puts the intention out there, but it also becomes your compass for everything you do, moving forward. Far too many opportunities are lost because we don’t make a decision. Instead, we think about how nice it may be to have it – one day, or we wish or dream for it – but know we haven’t got it in the ‘real’ world… Things will start to shift and change, once you make a decision! 

[Need help with your mindset? Check out this article on how to master your mindset for success].

Step #2: Know who you want to be and how that looks

Who do you need to be, to make that a reality for you? How will you act and what do you need to believe about yourself and your abilities? What skills and aptitudes do you want to have? This isn’t about faking it until you make it. However, it is about being aware of your strengths, weaknesses and habits – and committing to enhancing, improving and even dropping them, as needed.

Step #3: Have a clear vision in mind

Sounds a bit woo woo, but having a clear vision is about knowing what you’re aiming for. Have a vision board set up to illustrate it or, if you’d rather, write down how your ideal day and what your business will look like for you. See your end goal in mind. Get comfortable with it and look forward to having it. It’s all about switching your vision and mindset from being an employee to being a business owner.

Step #4: Narrow your focus 

Narrow your focus for everything. Know where your attention is going and top trying to be everything to everyone (at home and at work!). Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing and posting on social media. Narrow your attention and focus on what’s important for you. Focus on one goal, one social media platform, one client, and one thing at a time. If it helps, carry out a mini-review, to ensure you’re focusing on the right things and always use time blocks to stay focused and on task.

Step #5: Put in the work 

It’s all good having the right mindset, but if you want to be an awesome VA, you also need to take the action needed, to make it happen! Once you have your vision and focus, create a plan of action and set time aside to do the work. Make the commitment to get visible in the right places, get focused and implement your plan. It’s about consistently putting in the work needed, to reach your desired end result. 

Step #6: Get out of your own way

We can be our own worst enemy. Whether it’s that negative inner voice, the fears and doubts that stop us going for what we want, or the worries about what others will think. If you want to be an awesome VA, you need to learn how to master your thoughts and associated feelings

As mentioned earlier, if you know your strengths and weaknesses, you can work on them – and it’s no different for mindset. If you’re aware you procrastinate, get an accountability partner, coach or mentor. If a lack of skills holds you back, enrol in a course to remedy that. And if you’re scared of taking that leap forward or are scared you’ll fail if you try, hire a coach or mentor to guide you through the process.

Step #7: Know that if you want to be an awesome VA, you need to work at being an awesome business owner

Being an awesome VA means you have to have the right mindset and actions in place, to make it happen. However, there’s also one other crucial element you need in place – you need to treat it like a business. As I mentioned in one of my guest articles on mindset, for Practically Perfect PA:

“As a business owner, your role is to give yourself space and time needed to grow your business. You can be the best VA in the world, but unless you dedicate regular time to doing what’s required to grow your business – your business will fail.”

You need to have an understanding of how a VA business is grown and maintained. This includes knowing the business pillars you need in place if you want your business to have a good solid foundation to grow. 

In summary

The steps above will help you become an awesome VA and help you make your VA business successful. However, I appreciate it isn’t always easy implementing these steps alone – and that’s why each of them is covered in the modules of the VA Mastery Course (or when I work with clients on a 1:2:1 basis or as part of the VA Membership we dive really deep into this.)

The VA Mastery Course is designed to be an affordable solution for you to study at a rate that suits you. It’s aimed to boost your confidence, develop your mindset and empower you with the commercial know-how to successfully build and grow as a VA. So, if you’re looking for help and support during your journey towards being an awesome VA and having a successful VA business, why not check out the details for the VA Mastery, here – and let’s get your journey started!