Month: July 2015

  • How to share passwords securely with your clients

    When it comes to creating passwords, we know they need to be secure. We may even use password generation software to create a truly encrypted password, to ensure our content is safe. We may then need to share that password with our clients – and we’re either stuck on HOW to do that or we […]


  • Password Generation Software Virtual Assistants could use

    I want to try and capture some Password Generation Software Virtual Assistants could use to support their business. Passwords are needed for everything now. But generating secure passwords can be difficult, unless you use password generation software. We seem to need them for everything we do now. Whether you’re banking online or registering on a […]


  • Evernote – the online notebook

    Evernote notebook - one of my go to tools for running my VA business

    Evernote is a notebook with a difference. It’s online, never runs out of pages (depending on the subscription option you choose) and allows you to collate information in different formats – from images to website URL, handwritten notes to audio. Available on your PC, Mac and most portable devices and phones, Evernote allows you to take […]


  • Office 365 – love it or hate it

    Office 365 is the latest software to become cloud-based. The suite of apps is perfect for individuals, homes and small to medium sized businesses. But why would you want to cloud-based on your PC software and what are the real benefits and drawbacks?   Storage and accessibility Microsoft has given you the option store your […]


  • Benefits of a call handing service to your VA business

    With the advent of online businesses, we all have the ability to work with clients from all over the world. The problem is though, we don’t necessarily want to be online and available 24 hours a day, to factor in the different time zones of our different clients!   This is where a call handling […]