Month: March 2017

  • Spring clean and increase your productivity and creativity

    spring clean

    Spring is the perfect time to clear the decks and have a spring clean. There’s something motivating about the days getting lighter, the weather warming up and seeing growth and potential all around us. If you’re getting the urge to have a good clear out, here’s twelve different areas you can focus on, to help […]


  • Wednesday VA Wisdom – Louisa Stewart

    This week on the Wednesday VA Wisdom, we are featuring Louisa Stewart of Blue Ninja Consulting.  Louisa and Blue Ninja specialise in virtual administration which is a different take on the Virtual Assistant role.  Many of you will know though, that I often refer to the term “VA” as a label and its more about […]


  • Guest Post from Sarah Swanton

    How To Be Busy Without Burnout – Guest Post from Sarah Swanton This week I am absolutely thrilled to have Sarah Swanton as our featured expert talking about “How to be busy without burnout”. Sarah is the founder of Happy Healthy Entrepreneur which is all about teaching Business Owners how to successfully navigate the ‘inner […]


  • Winner: VA Training Provider of the Year 2016 – Most Votes

    I am so excited! (But very humbled and honoured with this news). VACT announced as the “Winner for Virtual Assistant Training Provider UK – 2016 in the Members Voice Awards” announced Virtual Assistant Coaching Training Company (VACT), as the winner in the Members Voice Awards at the Office* Show 2017. Those that know […]


  • Why outsourcing to a VA is so difficult


    Why outsourcing to a VA is so difficult & how you can make it easier! Most business owners have heard of outsourcing. They even know the benefits it can give them, but they often still struggle to take the next step and actually outsource! And this is totally understandable – especially as they’ve worked hard […]