Why outsourcing to a VA is so difficult & how you can make it easier!

Most business owners have heard of outsourcing. They even know the benefits it can give them, but they often still struggle to take the next step and actually outsource! And this is totally understandable – especially as they’ve worked hard (and often alone) to get their business to the level it currently is.

Why outsourcing is so difficult

Learning to trust

The initial difficulty they may face, is learning to trust someone else. When they’ve got this far in business by doing everything alone, it can be a real leap of faith, sharing ideas and plans with another person – let alone trusting them to work on those things without constantly looking over the VAs shoulder. This then leads to the second problem – knowing who to outsource to.

Lack of understanding over the process

With VAs based all over the world, knowing who to trust and hire, can be a minefield. Firstly, there’s the initial lack of understanding over how the whole concept of hiring a VA. There’s also issues they may face over culture, language and time zone. Then there’s the uncertainty over a VAs qualifications and skillset, along with what can and can’t be outsourced – not to mention whether the VA can actually do what the business owner is hoping they can do…

Personal demons and fears

There’s also the personal demons a business owner may face, when outsourcing to another person. If they’re used to controlling everything, it can be really difficult learning to let go. Guilt can play a part too – both in how much they’re spending on outsourcing, and by not ‘soldiering on’ alone. And finally, there’s the fear that someone else is smarter or better qualified than they are, in areas of their business – and they’re also paying them less than they’re paying themselves.

How to make outsourcing easier

Give them a break!

First up, give them a break. They’ve worked so hard to get as far as they have, so it’s understandable that they may feel apprehensive about letting go a bit. It’s also natural to feel guilty and/or nervous about bringing in extra support – so spend some time acknowledging how it’s making them feel and reassure them of the great decision they’re making; then move on!

Get clear on what they need

Get clear on why they need to start outsourcing. Focus on what they’re gaining, both as an individual and as a business. Understand how this is going to help them grow and move forward – then get clear on what it is they need from a VA. What help are they looking for, in terms of skills, needs and timescales? What things aren’t their strengths and what do they struggle with? What is sapping their time and energy? These are the things they can outsource to a VA.

Explain why hiring a graduate VA from a recognised training course is a smart move

Finally, confirm why it’s important for them to hire a graduate VA from a recognised training course provider. As a graduate VA, you’re demonstrating that standards and quality are important to you – as they are to them too.

There are many VA training programs and courses out there, but many of them are fully automated courses, meaning the VA has no real support. As a VACT trained VA though, you have been inspired, personally supported and challenged to reach a higher standard – both as a VA and as a business owner – and it’s this high standard, along with your skills and experience, that you bring to the table.

You have access to continued help, support and training – so will continue to offer them the very best VA services available. As the VACT is a UK based training provider, all VAs are based in the UK – so they no longer have to worry about time zone, language and cultural differences – making it even easier to hire the perfect VA!

Outsourcing doesn’t have to be difficult for any business owner and, it’s your job as a VA, to make it as easy as possible for business owners to get the right ongoing help and support they need. By taking the time to understand their fears and concerns, you can help alleviate the process and make it faster, more effective and the best solution for both the business owner and the VA.

Image courtesy of tashatuvango/stock.adobe.com