I am so excited! (But very humbled and honoured with this news).

VACT announced as the “Winner for Virtual Assistant Training Provider UK – 2016 in the pa-assist.com Members Voice Awards”

Pa-assist.com announced Virtual Assistant Coaching Training Company (VACT), as the winner in the Members Voice Awards at the Office* Show 2017. Those that know me, know that I work with those who wish to make the transition from employed to self-employed (currently figures indicate UK has a 1.91 million freelancer marketplace).

Since 1999 pa-assist have been working with Executive Assistants, Personal Assistants and Virtual Assistants (VA) to listen and understand who they think is the best at what they do. 2016 was the first year that Virtual Assistant Training Providers were voted on as part of the awards with 5 training providers being shortlisted for this prestigious award.

Over the last 12 months, I am thrilled with some of the accolades we have had bestowed upon us, everything from being voted as the top contributor to the industry, awarded Armed Forces Covenant Bronze status and the list goes on and I am delighted to continue to help not only raise standards within the industry but also the profile of how VAs can support Business Owners. (Remembering that first and foremost, a VA is a Business Owner themselves!)

I am totally thrilled to have won this award – I trained with VACT when I retired from the Royal Navy (after 23 years service) to set up my own VA business. I am so passionate about the industry, and to buy the business from Carmen when she retired in 2014, re-invigorate it using my military core values and general leadership skills to create a “keeping it real” coaching and mentoring business and now win this award fill me with absolute joy.

I am a firm believer in collaboration and not competition and I want the individuals I work with to become authentic and awesome at what they do, so that they can earn more and win awards for themselves.

Be Awesome

**edit:  VACT have gone on to win the 2017, 2018-2019 and the 2020 Best VA Training Provider.