Many people dream of starting their own business an becoming an entrepreneur, but the reality of taking action to achieve it can be too big a step to take. So, if you’ve started your own VA business or are ready to take the plunge into self-employment as a VA – congratulations!

But now comes the hard part to take on board. You’re NOT just a VA. First and foremost, you’re a business owner. You now need to step up and take your place in the entrepreneur world – and you can only do that IF you decide to stop thinking of yourself as just a VA!

You see, the VA services and business support packages you offer are the services you sell, as a business. You may provide a VA service, but you’re a business woman, an entrepreneur, a business owner, solopreneur, whatever you want to call it.

In order to grow your business, in order to make more money and help more people, you need to change your mindset and see yourself as an entrepreneur. You need to commit to making your business a success – and this means doing several things:

#1: show up

Make the decision to treat the work that you do as a business. This means setting regular hours and showing up, regardless of how few clients you have or how new your business is.

#2: invest in yourself and your business

Running a business takes time and money. You can make a commitment to show up (time), but you also need to invest in yourself and your business, in order to grow. This includes investing in tools and software, as well as personal and business training and education.

#3: get focused

Focus on providing value to your clients. Focus on being the best you can be. Focus on who you want to work with and focus on building a relationship with that niche group.

#4: get supported

No man is an island, especially in business! You may think you can do it alone, but it will be a lot easier and faster, if you get help and support, as and when you need it. Whether this means online support forums, outsourcing work, associate help or a mentor, it’s up to you – but get support!

#5: put yourself out there

Finally, you need to stop hiding behind your laptop. Get yourself out there, mix with other VAs, potential clients and network on and offline. You are your biggest selling point, so put yourself out there and get known!

What does being an entrepreneur mean for you? Do you struggle finding your place in the entrepreneur world or are you putting yourself out there to great effect? Why not share your experiences with others by leaving a comment below, and let’s see if we can help other VAs find their way in the entrepreneur world!