Antonia Chitty is an award winning entrepreneur, author and journalist. She shared her top 5 PR tips with VACT in 2011.

Here are her top five tips on how you can wise up to PR for your VA business:

  1. Get inspired. Join online business forums and networking groups.
  2. List all your ideas for promotion on a wall planner so you have activities planned for each week. By planning ahead you’ll see when you need to start promoting an event you are attending, for example.
  3. Do one PR task every day. Even when you are very busy, find 15 minutes to make a call or send an email. Attacking promotion in small chunks makes it more manageable
  4. Build up good contacts in the media. Call journalists to find out what sort of story they want and send out press releases on a regular basis. It can take several mentions of your business name before people start to buy.
  5. Cultivate your customers. Every time someone buys from you, ask if you may add them to your mailing list. Send regular newsletters to clients and potential customers so they know about your sales, events and promotions.

You can contact Antonia through her website, This article was originally published on 13 Jun 2011.