Marketing your VA business is something that needs to be done on a consistent basis, if you want your business to grow. However, is there ever a time when you should stop your marketing efforts?

To answer that question, you need to understand a couple of different things. Firstly, why do you market your VA business in the first place? Secondly, are there any reasons why you wouldn’t want to market your business – and finally, where do you want your VA business to go?

Marketing doesn’t only happen for getting clients’ sake

What marketing gives you is visibility. It also helps you establish your brand, become relevant to the right people and stay relevant in your industry and/or niche. The bonus of visibility is yes, potential new clients will see you. But so will your existing clients, your potential new Associates, future JV partners, other Virtual Assistants, along with those people who don’t need you yet (but may do in the future).

The different social media platforms give you further opportunities to build relationships with all of these different people. You can interact from a business and personal standpoint, meaning more people know you and what you do. So you see, marketing your VA business isn’t just about getting clients.

Don’t stop marketing your VA business when your books are full

One of the biggest mistakes any service-based business can make, is to stop marketing when they have a full client base. The common misconception here is, once you’re at capacity, you have no more available hours, so it makes sense to stop marketing.

Except it doesn’t.

When you understand your reasons for marketing you can see, it isn’t just about clients. It then makes sense to carry on marketing, regardless of how many clients you have. Many VA business owners however, fear that if they continue marketing, they’re going to need to turn away potential clients. This is where being clear on your longer term business goals comes into play.

Use the opportunity to grow your business further

When you work alone as a service-based professional, you can only accommodate enough clients to fill your available working hours. You could of course, start a waiting list for people who still want to work with you. However, if you want to grow your VA business further, you then need to make change to this working pattern – you either start building a team or get creative with your revenue streams.

For those who want to build a team, marketing gives you a platform to reach out to other VAs. You get the opportunity to find other VAs who’d like to become Associates for you, to fill your additional client needs. There could be other specialised services you want to offer clients – but need VAs with those specialised skills, in order to grow your team or outsource the work.

If you’re looking to get creative with your revenue streams, you may want to limit trading your time for hours and start offering courses, ebooks and programs to your target niche instead. Marketing gives you the means to reach more people and advertise your new revenue streams.

The only time you should stop marketing your VA business, is if you’re no longer running a business. Because, even if you have a full client base and have no intention of either building a team or branching out into additional revenue streams, you still need to stay relevant and active in the industry and your niche. Of course, there’s always the chance one of your clients leaves, and you then need to find another client to fill their space. Imagine how much harder that would be – if you’d stopped marketing for any period of time!