• Spring clean and increase your productivity and creativity

    spring clean

    Spring is the perfect time to clear the decks and have a spring clean. There’s something motivating about the days getting lighter, the weather warming up and seeing growth and potential all around us. If you’re getting the urge to have a good clear out, here’s twelve different areas you can focus on, to help […]


  • The role your health and lifestyle plays in your productivity levels

    Anyone who has eaten a big lunch during a working day will know what you eat DOES affect your performance at work. You settle back at your desk feeling sluggish and sleepy, with a burning desire to just sit and let your lunch settle down and with your desire to be productive somewhere between low […]


  • Evernote – the online notebook

    Evernote notebook - one of my go to tools for running my VA business

    Evernote is a notebook with a difference. It’s online, never runs out of pages (depending on the subscription option you choose) and allows you to collate information in different formats – from images to website URL, handwritten notes to audio. Available on your PC, Mac and most portable devices and phones, Evernote allows you to take […]


  • Are You Being Productive for Your VA Business as Well as for Your Clients? Part 2

    In the first part of my post I talked about how it was important that you as a VA business owner was operating a processs of productivity for your own business as well as for your client’s. Here, I want to share with you how you can keep focussed on that productivity and handle motivation, […]


  • Are You Being Productive for Your VA Business as Well as for Your Clients? Part 1

    Generally speaking do you notice the way you work when you plan to get more done? You probably find that you work late into the evening and try and multi-task. Yet how much quality do you then apply to your work if you are tired or if you are trying to focus on more that […]