There’s a lot of talk buzzing around in the world at large, about having the right mindset for business. Mention you’re in business for yourself, or thinking of starting your own business and various labelling words get thrown into those right mindset conversations, entrepreneur, solopreneur, mumpreneur, hobbyist etc.

But what exactly IS the right mindset to have and why is it so important?

The fact is, it doesn’t matter WHAT -preneur sounding word you use to describe yourself. You’ll find some of them appeal, whilst others really grate on you so go with whatever appeals most to you and then get on with running your business!

What’s more important to you is having the right mindset that of a BUSINESS owner.

If you want to be successful, you have to think like a business owner and/or entrepreneur. Successful entrepreneurs will all have similar traits and it’s these traits that help keep their mind in the game and their eyes on the prize:

Entrepreneurs seek out opportunities

When it comes to spotting an opportunity, good entrepreneurs are in the forefront. They’re resourceful, love a challenge and ALWAYS welcome change. They don’t get hooked on using only one method of advertising or sticking to only a couple of revenue streams they actively seek out new ways of promoting, new ways of doing things.

They understand innovation is key

Entrepreneurs know growth and business success are tied in with innovation. They understand how important it is to tweak, amend, change and adapt everything whether that’s sales copy or products and services.

They know the importance of value creation

An entrepreneur understands the importance of creating value for their customers. They know that, in order to have a successful business, they NEED to keep focusing on creating content, products and services that will help and enrich the lives of their potential clients.

Entrepreneurs accept who they are

A good entrepreneur will acknowledge their fears and worries, but they don’t get hooked up on them. They’re scared and fearful, but push on anyway. If they get put down, they pick themselves up, dust themselves off and get right back out there.

They know the sum total of the people around them

An entrepreneur will surround themselves with positive, inspirational and forward-thinking individuals. They listen, emulate, learn and adapt what they can glean from these people and they find a role model and mentor to give them a gauge for which to measure themselves against and to push themselves further. They understand the importance of being watchful of who’s in their close network and ensuring those people are positive and encouraging.

Entrepreneurs always have a plan and goal in mind

Entrepreneurs are successful because they keep their focus on the end result the prize regardless of what nay-sayers and sceptics might say. They have a solid action plan to make that end result happen and break that down into manageable chunks.

So which of these traits resonated most with you? Did you find yourself agreeing with them – or where there some that you disagreed with? Why not share your thoughts and opinions in the comments box below!