It’s understandable that, when you run your own business, you want to do well. Social media has also made it easy for us to gain access to the gurus and experts in our niche, the people who are ahead of us on the road we’re currently travelling. We can see how well they’re doing, what their lives look like, how much money they’re bringing in and, if we’re being honest – we want some of that in our lives.

That can be a really good thing, especially as it can be the driving factor behind what we do; the motivation to keep going, when our own journey gets a bit tough underfoot.

However, it can also be a major sticking point for us – especially if our intentions and goals aren’t truly in alignment with ourselves.

Having it all won’t make you happy

When we look at what other people are sharing on social media, it can be easy to think that they have it all – the success, money, family, lifestyle etc. – and to believe that it’s the ‘having it all’ which is making them happy.

It isn’t.

There’s usually two types of story behind those social media postings – either they have what is important to them and it’s THIS that is making them happy, or they’re selling an illusion of the perfect lifestyle, in order to sell a product or service that ‘promises’ to help you ‘do the same’.

What is important to you?

In reality, ‘having it all’ may be what we think we need to be aiming for, but it’s ‘having what’s important to us’, that is what we really need. Each of us has our own version of what that looks like.

For some of us, it will be working from home, so we pick our own hours and spend the extra time with the family when they get home, whilst earning enough income to cover the bills and still having spare cash to spend. For others, it may involve working from a laptop on the beach all day, with no children around and easy access to the nearest restaurants and three-course meals on a daily basis.

You need to understand what is valuable to you. What is it that is truly important to you? It can be all too easy to keep pushing forward, aiming for an image of ‘having it all’, when it includes things we don’t even consider important in the first place!

Be the person you want to be

At its core, the one thing we all want to be is happy – and that is being happy over what we do, how we live and who we are.

So, delve deep and find out what it is that is important to you. Find out what you value in your life, what your values are and what kind of person you want to be. Where do you shine? What are your skills and talents? What makes you happy and brings you alive – then go ahead and implement those things into your life, into your persona and into your business.

Then you will have what you’ve been working for – happiness and fulfilment.

Across the VACT site, we have a number of blog posts that might help you be happy in your VA business – I would take some time to grab a cup of coffee and have a read through the blog – in particular blogs from the Wednesday Wisdom series, might inspire you with the art of the possible.

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